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in my eyes crusade was jsut as good if not better than B5... it had only 2 major problems

the sound !!!!


the sound ill admit is barable but horrable.... TNT has scrued Crusade from day one they threatend to end the seriese if JMS dident comply to there demands.... so in the end he bowed but made a few stands... witch in the end is the reasion they pulled the plug before it began... cause they couldent get there way

IF u have read JMS speaks u would know just how much they scrued JMS n Crusade....

i have seen 1/3 of Crusade i think... i own 4 vids volume 1 - 4 with 2 eps each.... at any rate from what Ive seen its great... character devlopment is bloody amazing the action seens are good n the characters are varied

i absolutely luv Max ...

u know the seens in the frist ep where we see the death groupes on earth "or some thing like that" yup Thats TNT's doing