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Crusade - War Zone


Done with my annual re-watch of B5 and movies (as usual cried like a fool all during Sleeping In Light) and am starting Crusade. Watch War Zone and actually enjoyed it - almost like I'd never seen it before (guess it's been a while).
I know it and a few other eps were forced on JMS by TNT and are not regarded highly on these boards, but I think it gave some good exposition meant to entice new fans.
One oddity to me was when Dureena 1st got on the Excaliber it appeared that she was never there before. But she was already on it in A Call to Arms. Perhaps she didn't want to let on?
I thought War Zone was underrated too. I think maybe JMS increased the cheese factor in a few scenes just to get TNT off his back, so they'd see that their interference wasn't helping to improve anything. And Tim Thomerson seemed to have no idea what was going on or why he was there. Most of the story and scenes I found to be pretty good. And I love the last scene with Gideon and the Drakh captain. Between the Drakh, Earthforce and the Apocalypse Box, I don't think that series could have gone wrong.

And although I was royally pissed at TNT for canceling Crusade, I also have to appreciate that they funded it to begin with. It's just too bad they weren't fans like us, or we'd know how it ends and what's in that damn box!

I know JMS doesn't want to make Crusade as anything but a series, but I think it could be a great comic.

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