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Crusade - The Lost Tales


As many of you are aware, there were several Crusade scripts written but were never filmed. Some of you have been lucky enough to get hold of some of the scripts, but many of us were not that lucky.

However, for those die hard fans who would like to know what happened, there is Crusade book for the the Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game - this book contains a synopsis for each of the following episodes:

To The Ends of The Earth
Value Judgements
End of the Line

Each synopsis is about 4 pages long (that's A4 size, not your normal novel size pages).

Now I know not many here are into RPG, but I thought I'd mention it for those who are keen to find out what would have happened in the Crusdade story.

The book has been out a little while so appologies if this has already been mentioned.

I have just started reading them and they are very interesting :)

Here is the official link: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/home/detail.php?qsID=941&qsSeries=11

You can also buy it from Amazon.

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