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Crusade ratings at sci-fi


Beyond the rim
Posted this at the sci-fi board so might as well here. Found these at the Crusade for Crusade site at:

Racing the Night - 1.1
The Needs of Earth - 0.9
The Memory of War - 1.0
The Long Road - 0.7
Visitors from Down the Street - 0.8
The Well of Forever - 0.7
Each Night I Dream of Home - 0.7
Patterns of the Soul - 0.6
The Path of Sorrows - 0.9
Ruling from the Tomb - 0.7
The Rules of the Game - 0.7
War Zone - 0.8
Appearances and Other Deceits - 0.6

Average for all 13 episodes: 0.8

They have a nice analysis of the ratings at the site.


Sam (The Great) Gadsby asked on another board which episodes "belonged" to TNT and which to JMS, because he was curious about their comparative ratings. Since I happened to have the information in a spreadsheet, it only took me a couple of minutes to sort and analyze it. The results surprised me.

Because of the difference in airing order, and the fact that many new fans would be sampling the show for the first time, I didn't think there would be much of a difference between the "first five" episodes and the rest. But there is an almost direct correlation between the degree to which TNT Atlanta was involved in a given episode and and that episode's rating.

Heres the list, in descending order:


All of the top three rated episodes, and four of the top five, were filmed before TNT Atlanta started involving itself in the show.

The # 4 show was the one script that TNT wanted to scrap completely, and probably the one in which the fewest changes were made, because the mere fact that it exists shows that JMS fought for it.

(Besides, TNT hated the whole *concept* of the show and the flashbacks, so it is hard to see why they would have tried to "improve" it with specific notes. Their biggest contribution may have been adding the redundant subtitles to the alien.)

Only "Each Night..." among the first five episodes shot failed to out-score the TNT episodes, and it tied with the bulk of them. (Which, for the most part, were not at all bad, especially viewed in a rational order.)

The rest all drew comparable ratings except for "War Zone", which probably got a boost from the "curiosity factor." Crusade veterans had so trashed it on-line that newbies probably went out of their way to see it, and vets probably watched again to see if it was as bad as they remembered. (I did, it was.)

"Patterns" aired on the night with the heaviest competition from new episodes on the broadcast networks, and "Appearances" was the sole Crusade episode that aired in its week. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people thought that "War Zone" was the last episode of the run and didn't even bother tuning in the following Monday.



Joseph DeMartino
Sigh Corps
Pat Tallman Division
Thanks for the information. Oddly much appreciated.

All I know is I want the show back. Back. Back. I want to know if Gideon lives after being shot. Ohhhhh that MAN.

Although I loved the three unproduced scripts, they were surprisingly good. I loved the one with Bester and Garibaldi. Oh man I am still roaring with that one. I have questions, but I still like it.

But the gunshot to the chest. Dang, I am almost glad that one didn't make it into the "can". I would have been totally freaked.


I remember the missing Sinclair at the beginning of Season 2. I have never really forgiven that. Accepted yes, forgiven, no.

Colleen L. Stanford
Gideon's Mine, all Mine
(he just doesn't know it yet, LOL)
I did not bother to watch War Zone.. I saw it twice during the original run (I taped it), but I immediately understood why JMS was telling people he didn't like it. I haven't watched it since.

-Londo's Hair
"Vir, intelligence has nothing to do with politics!"
Regardless of what JMS said, I thought WarZone wasn't that bad of an episode at all. I thought that it set-up the series quite nicely. To me it sounds as if he was pissed because he didn't as much control as he was used to having. In any case, WarZone is by no means the worst episode of the 13. In fact, I'd rank it above some of the vaunted "5" episodes where JMS had complete control over.

Warzone wasn't as nearly as bad as it could have been. jms made the best of a bad situation. However, the parts of it that TNT insisted on were WAAYYYY overdone (bucketloads of exposition).

The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father
Trust the Corps
I think Crusade's first five were superior to the others, for the most part. I will admit that I did not like Visitors from Down the Street, but I very much likes Appearances and Other Deceits, the Well of Forever and The Rules of the Game. I think Warzone is better than most give it credit for, but Racing the Night was a far better episode to me on the whole.

Are you kidding me poweroften you would rank warzone above a grey episode?

I find myself having to agree with JMS on this one. It was his baby, he knew how to bring it up.

Warzone was so exposition heavy I still find it painful to watch , especially the initial brawl stand off, and the anomalies like Dureena being locked up!!!


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