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Crusade & LOTR



Any ideas on how to bring back Crusade and incorporate it into a possible B5:LOTR series?

If Rangers becomes a series, and is very successful by scifi's standards than it is possible that after a season or two Crusade could also be brought back. The timeline of Rangers has seemingly been set up specifically so that at the time Crusade would have a chance to be revived that both Rangers and Crusade would be at the same point in time in the B5 universe. They than could be operated much the same way Buffy and Angel are done.

Unless it is a major event that the myriads of people would be discussing anyway I doubt that much would be transplanted whole from Crusade to Rangers. Are the Rangers going to discuss the Drakh plague or humans using

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, of course they are. While the Rangers will probably be keeping an eye out for any possible info that would lead to a cure I doubt the mission would be taken over by a new crew. You probably aren't going to see any Apocalypse boxes or have many mages around but events from Crusade that would have affecte much of the galaxy and humanity in particular are obviously going to affect our set of Rangers.

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I think that JMS actually put the beginning TLotR two years before Crusade, because he want to see if Rangers will have success. If everything goes well, there's a chance that he will start Crusade again.


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