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crusade directors cut.



i hope that the b5 dvd's will become a success. and if they do i hope we will get directors cut crusade. it might rescue crusade. or atleast make the eps better. But why haven't JMS allready made directers cut of crusade for scifi. he must have enough fottage to change the eps and make them better.
That would actually be "executive producer's cut" since I don't think Joe directed any episodes of Crusade.

Unfortunately, most of TNT's interference seems to have taken place between the writing and the shooting, making a "writer's cut" (which I think is what you're really after) impossible. Maybe there are deleted scenes and the like, but somehow I doubt they add up to much.

It just occurred to me how side-splittingly hilarious the idea of a "writer's cut" would be to anyone who knows Hollywood. Sorry about any soaked keyboards or screens