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Cradle 2 The Grave *no spoilers*


Beyond the rim
Very enjoyable movie, Jet Li does as is natural and brutally beats many many people. Considering that I went to see the movie just for that, it turned out pretty good. Plot was decent for an action flick, DMX had some okay fight scenes, and the black chick is sooooooooooooooo hot. I didn't say it was good, deep or profound, but it was fun. Very fun.

*If you beleive that telling you that Jet Li beats up a lot of people is a spoiler, then you are an idiot, what else is he gonna do in a movie?*
I was considering seeing this tonight, but decided against it. His American movies absolutely suck. Not enough fighting and just stupid plots. His Hong Kong movies are so much better. True, a lot of them have silly plots, but they know it, and there's always a lot more fighting.
Yep. This one had a lot of fighting. But since it's a dual-star system, where Jet Li isn't the only reason people see the movie (although for me he was) the fight scenes are split, so that the other person doesn't whine about getting no screen time. That being said, DMX isn't bad at beating people up himself.
So far though, there is only one other person on the list of people that beat up people in an enjoyable manner:
Steven Seagal (sp?)
He doesn't quite have Jet Li's style, but he definitely has his brutality. When either of them two beat up someone, they don't just incapacitate them, they put them in a hospital for a LOOONG time

I think back to Ballistic, which was an awful movie, and I can now give my reasons as to why. Antonio Banderas is awful at doing fights. Lucy Liu may have the skill and style, but she doesn't crack any skulls. When she beats on the people, you get the feeling that they'll get up 10 min later, ready for more. The only redeeming point that movie had was her cold sexy good looks, and the humorous amounts of ammo she expends during it.
I thought Lucy Liu was the only redeeming thing about Ballistic. Since I have plenty of pictures of her on my computer that I can look at, I don't think I'll bother with seeing Ballistic again.
I watched a part of it at home, it was awful. I guess because I saw it in the theatre for the first time, the expenditure of ammo had more of an effect.

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