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Cowboy Bebop Movie

I must see this movie!
I'll probably have to wait for the DVD release. I don't think it's going to be shown anywhere near me. Heck, anywhere near anybody I know. Unless they decide on a more wider release since last I heard.
You know me, and I have a good feeling that they'll release it somewhere near me. And of course, buying the DVD whenever it comes out is a must as well.
Well, if they show it near you but not near me, or not near you but near me, we could go to the other's house and then go see it together.
Hmmm...perhaps they should have made Ohio and North Carolina contiguous states or however you spell it.
San Diego is one of the cities getting the movie. I won't have to travel to Los Angeles to see it!

'allo fellow person in / near Cleveland.

Don't give up ... we occasionally get some movies that didn't get very wide spread release. "Metropolis" came to the Madstrone Centrum in Coventry about this time last year and I don't think it had much release - I hadn't even heard about it before the week it showed there. They might try to go for this since ithere's already an existing fan base. My campus theatre (CWRU) got "Metropolis" a few months later too so who knows if they'd try to do the same for "Bebop".

Also, there's always a chance the CWRU Anime Society will try to show it at a marathon. Won't be quite the same but they do project onto a big screen though with less sophisicated projectors. If that ever comes, I'll let you know.
Oh cool! I'd love to see this movie! Of course, not a single Canadian theatre is on that list, which doesn't make my chances seem too good
Poor Laoise. Here I'm whining about them not showing the movie in Ohio when she says Canada will probably not even get it at all.
Well, there's always a chance we might get it. If it's going to be released in Canada at all, there's a pretty good chance it'll be in my city. However, it's not listed as a "Coming Soon" movie on either of the big movie companies' websites. *shrug* I can hope

In the meantime, looking at the coming soon movies, I discovered there's going to be an Ella Enchanted movie, which excites me far more than any ol' Cowboy Bepop movie
Pfffff. Cowboy Bebop is SO much better. Also... I don't know what you're talking about.


Anyways! Looks like it might not even come to NC. Then again.... I can only hope. And then, if hope fails, buy the DVD whenever it's released.
I refuse to watch anything with "Bebop" in its name.

I also refuse to watch Japanimation. That stuff drives me up a freakin' wall.

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