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Cover Me


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Sitting here listening to it just now, I was wondering if others had listened to it before. There's a European techno group called Sunscreem, and one of their songs is called "Cover Me." A couple years ago looking around somewhere online, I came across a mix of "Cover Me" called "Beyond Z'ha'dum." It's a wicked mix of part of the "Trouser Enthusiasts" mix of "Cover Me" and quotes from Babylon 5 regarding Z'ha'dum. I think I got this song way back when the original Napster was going strong, so I have no idea where it can be found online now. But it's wicked cool, and I totally recommend listening to it if one gets the chance.
Hello there Lucy. I know that song. I got it years ago from www.musicofb5.com, which doesn't exist anymore. It's kinda strange to me, it never really appealed with all those "no one who goes to z'ha'dum comes back alive" quotes etc. But... I'll guess you could listen to it, if you want. Ah heck, actually it's quite ok piece of music. Beats the generic pop-music in any way. I, personally could upload that song... but by doing so I would violate copyright shuubuu, so I won't. Anyway, it's ok.
Sunscreem was one of the first music groups/artists that I actually gained relatively considerable interest in when I was growing up, though I haven't followed them much in the past several years. But however many years ago I ran across the afore mentioned song, I couldn't not download it. Mixing one of my favorite groups of my past with my favorite tv show warranted a checking out. It probably isn't a song that'd be everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's pretty cool for what it is.

If I actually had a decently internet connection speed, I'd offer to transfer the song via AIM to anyone who wanted to hear it, but alas the quickest connection I can get now is 28.8. :rolleyes: :mad: :rolleyes:

Hello there Lucy.

Please exuse my ignorance, but was this a joke or something that went over my head?

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