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Corianna 6 & 7

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Seems I created a bit of confusion with my last post(a couple of points) My fault I suppose for rushing it at the end of my lunch hour
what I noticed was this;
Sherdan takes to the white star in SiL
the ship asks; "Destination?"
Sherdian replies, "Corianna 6 where we won the shadow war"
In the commentary JMS refers to it as Corianna 7
sorry for the confusion, not a gaffe of galactic proportions but there you are.
Cheers, all the best
Oh and I read the legions of Fire trilogy and was left none the wiser over G'kar's motivations...
Creating a new thread just confuses the matter further. I hope a moderator merges this unnecessary topic with the original one.
This version of UBB.threads forum software doesn't unfortunately allow merging threads. So I'll just lock this one as The_One is right - having another topic simply creates more confusion.

Please feel free to continue the discussion (and add any clarifications) in the original thread though. :cool:
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