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Content warnings


Like many newspapers etc., when our local paper runs a movie review it includes a sidebar with the rating (G, PG, or whatever) and also what content got it that rating. This might include things like "brief nudity" , "graphic violence", "language", etc.

The other day they ran a review for "Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary". It is built largely from a series of interviews with the 81 year old woman who had been, in her early to mid 20's the personal secretary to Adolf Hitler from 1942 until his death. Apparently she got the job by winning a typing contest among all of the secretaries at some government office.

Anyway, for some reason the content warning in the side bar struck me as funny. It read:

Rating: PG (nothing objectionable except everything discussed)
I find the same for Sister act funnny...

"Content: Comedy, nuns, singing".

Just... seems funny. :D