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Some of you may or may not have noticed the very bizarre nature which surrounds B5. What I mean is various 'coincidences' which show up. This thread is here to name them.
I'll start off with a few -

1. In Crusade Gary Cole is a main character, also he was a main character in American Gothic. The Raimi's and Bruce Campbell worked with American gothic. Who are now working on the Spider-man movie. JMS is now working on the Amazing Spider-man comic.

2. Learnt about this one recently from the sci-fi chat. Ranger cast member, Enid-Raye is a fan of the Rangers hockey team.

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JMS hadn't seen Andreas Katsulas since B5 ended. The very day Rangers was given the green light, JMS and his wife went out to eat. Who just happened to be at the same restaurant on that same night? Andreas Katsulas and his son.

Turns out Katsulas missed G'Kar and didn't really feel like he was done with the role. JMS offered him the part in the Rangers movie and began re-writing the script that night.

And, so, that's how it came about that G'Kar ended up in the movie that we'll all be enjoying tomorrow night. I read all this in a magazine article somewhere. Forgive me if I got any details wrong though; I wouldn't fib intentionally.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ninja_Squirrel:
that we'll all be enjoying tomorrow night<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Not all -

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4. Dylan Neal and JMS worked previously before on Captain power without realising until a while later.

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"From chaos, order came. As was inevitable." -Summoning light
Well, I remember hearing about a kind of JMS B5 "curse". Whenever JMS wrote in an injury for your character, you the actor would get a real injury, not necessarily in the same place. Garibaldi and Ivanova fell into this category, I think.

I should say Jerry Doyle and Claudia Christian fell into this category.

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Dark Lord,

Hollywood (and the Canadian film industry) are VERY small worlds.


Another coincidence: I was just reading that earlier tonight!
I think that is pretty weird, though.

Moving over to General since this can span across all B5 stuff.

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