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Conflicts of opinion...



Well well well...

The third chapter. Pardon the spelling errors. Unfortunately I have also developed too many sidestories to touch each in every chapter. And I have wasted quite many sheets of paper for plotting my story, with lousy results.

But I hope that some parts are readable.

Her Pet Shadow

As for *that* -- please forgive my irreverence. I just had to add it. There was no other way I could get it off my mind. I just had to make the end inconclusive. The story was actually about a page or two, but I decided to postpone uploading the whole, only adding a cryptic reference. I may do it later, when the rest of the Shadow story has grown enough for little non-related things to be tolerable.

Next chapter as usual, after the Shadows have hibernated.

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But, but, but....how long is this hibernation?

Thank you, Lennier; it gets better & better!

"...abso-FRAGGIN-lutely, damn it! I have been studying your use of lauguage since our last discussion. Do you approve?"