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Commentaries for the next seasons

Does JMS plan to keep his style (2ep for each year)? I mean, as I see it, S3 will be a hard season. There's Messages From Earth, Severed Dreams, two parter War Without End and Z'ha'dum. And then there's S4!!

Marko Marin
hmm, i hope he doesn't, in season 2 there's at least 3 episodes i think he should do. "All Alone in the Night" or "Acts of Sacrifice" and "Comes the Inquisitor" as well as "The Fall of Night"

season 3, there are a ton of em, i mean, even he has said that that is the turning and most pivotal point in the series.

I think he should do "Severed Dreams" "Interludes and Examinations" "Shadow Dancing" and "Z'Ha'Dum".

I think that "War Without End" 1 and 2 should have commentaries by Michael O'Hare and both "Dust to Dust" and "Ship of Tears" should have commentaries by Walter Keonig.

Season 4 has too many to count.

Of Course JMS has to do "Hour of the Wolf" and "Into the Fire", "No Surrender, No Retreat", "Between the Darkness and the Light", "EndGame", "Rising Star", and "Deconstruction of Falling Stars"

It'd be great to have Jerry Doyle do commentaries on "The Exercise of Vital Powers" and "The Face of the Enemy" and for Walter Keonig to do a commentary on "Epiphanies"

and i'm not even going to get started on season 5. Like i said, this is what they should do, and what a fanboy like me would love to see (oops, i mean hear) on the sets, but alas, there is no way in hell they'd do it like i want, not unless i payed them all a lot of money.
As with S1, it will depend on his schedule. He had hoped to do a total of four commentary tracks for S1, but was unable to do so because of time pressure. We'll have to see how S2 and subsequent sets work out. At least one S2 episode will have a non-JMS commentary track, because Claudia, Jerry Doyle and Bruce Boxleitner are all doing one together. It may be that other actors, writers or crew will also contribute tracks. We'll have to see.



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