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Coming November 2001



This section launches November 2001. Its purpose: to enable you to spread the word about Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. There is only a telemovie at the moment, and good ratings are the key to getting a series commissioned. That is why it's important to get people to tune in, especially those that are non-B5 fans. I look forward to launching this area properly, but if you have any suggestions for this area, feel free to post them in the questions and suggestions forum at the messageboard. In the meantime, you can still start spreading the word by letting people know about B5LR.com via the methods below.
Taken from the "Promotion" section. I would say its way past november by now.

Damn im looking forward to this movie.

Good luck with the site, i hope it will catch up speed soon.
Sounds like you are commenting on this web site and the appropriate forum for that would be in "Questions & Suggestions".

You will probably get a quicker response that way. Now you will have to wait for a moderator to move this topic or just post it again in the correct forum.

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