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Comic-Con 2012


JMS has been saying that he's got something big (not necessarily B5-related) coming up at the con. But he just posted this a few minutes ago.


Fans of J. Michael Straczynski said:
I’ve never done this before. Never convened a meeting of the clans before. But this is important.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the work I’ve done in comics: the bulk of my run on The Amazing Spider-Man, or Thor, or Silver Surfer: Requiem or Supreme Power or Rising Stars or Midnight Nation or Superman: Earth One –

If you’ve ever been entertained by the work I’ve done in television, going all the way back to He-Man to The Real Ghostbusters, Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, Crusade or Jeremiah –

If you’ve followed the work I’ve done in movies, from Changeling to Thor or Underworld Awakening –

If the work I’ve done has moved you or touched you or made you think about a few things in new ways...and if you’re going to be at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday or you know someone who will...then I’m inviting you to come to my spotlight at 2:00 in room 7AB, where something extraordinary will be launched into the world.

I can guarantee that you will see at least one thing that you have never seen before.

And how many times in life does that happen?


Pat Tallman will be there also. Various other B5 folks will be, too, but it doesn't seem to be related as they all have different things going on.

I'll be there and will report back as soon as I can.

Thanks Jan. I've been curious ever since I read about his original comment. That he's excited, considering he always has seemed to me as a not-easily excitable person, has me, who can get far more excited than is good for himself, even more excited now than before.
Two *big* announcements so far!

Studio JMS: http://www.deadline.com/2012/07/comic-con-j-michael-straczynski-hatches-multi-platform-studio-jms/

EXCLUSIVE: Comic-Con fixture J. Michael Straczynski will launch a new media company here to handle his prolific output in comic books, digital, TV series, feature films and video games. Studio JMS is designed to bring his output under one roof, and the idea is for the projects to cross-pollinate in other media.

New TV Series - "Vlad Dracula" for STARZ: http://www.thewrap.com/tv/article/s...acula-series-steven-deknights-incursion-47316
Writer/producer Straczynski, whose credits include "Thor," "Underworld: Awakening" and "Babylon 5," is teaming with producer Roy Lee, a heavy hitter in the horror genre whose credits include "The Ring," "The Woman in Black" and "The Strangers" for "Vlad Dracula," which Starz says will offer "a unique spin" on the Dracula tale that blends "the historical facts of the 15th century Prince of Wallachia." The series will trace the prince's "evolution from a revered ruler to the world's most feared vampire, and his slow downfall as he struggles desperately to hang on to his humanity, his wife and his kingdom."

Producer Rob Tapert, who has worked on Starz's "Spartacus," as well as "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Evil Dead" and "The Grudge," is also on board for the project.

Holy Cow! I'm at Comic-Con so stay tuned for any other tidbits JMS might drop during his spotlight on Saturday.

Even with it being jms, I don't know if I'll be able to handle a horror show on Starz; I've tried to watch Spartacus a few times and the violence is so horrible that I twice nearly hurled and quickly just had to give up trying to watch the show. I think I've become way too sensitive to violence for such shows/movies/etc as I've aged.
Yea, I have no real interest in a Vampire show right now, The Vampire Diaries has kinda burnt me out on Vampires on TV, especially since the quality of the show went downhill this season.

Being on Starz, it's likely to be sexed up with gratuitous sex and violence. I'll probably try it out, but, I'm not counting on being interested for very long

Though, with him having his own Production Studio, it might make him bringing us another Space Opera easier, and there's also hope that WB sells him the B5 rights
JMS' panel at Comic-Con yesterday was great! This is what I wrote yesterday:
Just got back from the convention center. JMS' panel was AMAZING!

Before it started, some young men laid down some wooden panels.

First we saw a sizzle reel that was beautiful, exciting and captured JMS' work past, present and future. My computer is horribly slow but it looks like it's been posted now at StudioJMS.com Twitter account is @studio_jms and facebook is StudioJMS

This is a dream com...e true for JMS (and lots of his fans!!!) and he's partnered with Patricial Tallman to bring all of his projects under one 'roof'. He reviewed several of them, including the web series, "Adventures of Apocalypse Al", The feature film "The Flickering Light", "Living Dead: The Musical", comics "Ten Grand" and "Sidekick", "Falling Angel" and "Guardians" and I believe a couple more. I'll have to listen to the recording.

When he mentioned "Living Dead: The Musical" the screen showed some of the Riverdancers and out came a troupe of Zombie Dancers who gave a brief show. As JMS said, we saw something we'd NEVER seen before.
and I've uploaded the video here:
Even with it being jms, I don't know if I'll be able to handle a horror show on Starz; I've tried to watch Spartacus a few times and the violence is so horrible that I twice nearly hurled and quickly just had to give up trying to watch the show. I think I've become way too sensitive to violence for such shows/movies/etc as I've aged.

Starz seems to be very much a meat market channel. Every so often we get the exports onto UK TV. I loathed what they did to the Arthur mythos in Camelot. Some storytellers lean towards the romantic legend, others try and tie it in with history better... but Starz viewed both these elements as secondary to displaying as much flesh on screen as they could.
Cool that JMS has some new stuff lined up. I'm surprised he's going back to Image, I'm sure there's a story there.

Does anyone know what happened to the 'Crusade: What the Hell Happened?' books? Again, surprising they haven't given any explanation for their sudden disappearance. Stupid Crusade Curse...

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They have been very quiet as to why no more Crusade books. My guess is maybe they did not sell enough to justify continuing the series.
I was referring to what was supposed to be a series of books. The future volumes were announced, but they are not scheduled, and there is no news on whether or not they will be coming out at all. I'm not terribly concerned with the first volume's availability, because I already own it. I had been planning to buy the other volumes, but they seem to have... disappeared, or if you prefer, they just don't exist. Unless you know something I do not?

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No secret knowledge. I imagine that Joe has been working so hard on setting up Studio JMS that he probably just put it on the back-burner for awhile. I believe it's a limited series like the B5 scripts were, so once all of them are published they'll stop making them. Since volume 1 is still there to order, the series is likely still on.
Hmm. Wasn't there some non-explanation on the b5scripts.com page a while ago? I forget how it went. I miss Crusade, that show had so many great directions to go in. Although whenever I see Captain Gideon now, I think of a mountain lion, Columbian Bam Bam, and people getting kicked out of Applebee's.

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quoteless thursday
There hasn't been any word that the rest of the series has been canceled but there's also no word as to when the next one(s) might be coming. My thought is similar to JoeD80's that JMS has just been busy with other projects.