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Columbia House now carries B5 season 1


Beyond the rim
I couldn't believe my eyes when I read my e-mail today. The set goes for $84.96. This is months after they were going to offer it as part of their TV Greats. I guess they decided on selling it as a set after all.
I'm not a fan of Columbia House.
I think they kind of trap people into plans that they didn't think through too clearly.
$84.96 that is really high price to pay for a set when you can get it a lot less like 50 OR 60 bucks .Kind of late now to sell s1 considering it has already been released by the studio and soon to be followed by s2.
Did they send any announcement regarding the TV Greats club too? I signed up for it back in November and for the last two months everytime I call they tell me that it on backorder but that they had no idea whatsoever when it would be available as part of the TV Greats club!
Any new information regarding the TV greats?
*shudders* I pity anyone who didn't hear about B5 on DVD. We were members for two years, to get the TNG tapes. We only got through the first season before we decided to just record the show on TV. When I told my mother I wanted the series on DVD, she complained the sets were expensive. I just brought up when we paid $20 + shipping for a video tape with 2 episodes and she got the point.

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