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Claudia's pics in Israel


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Claudia\'s pics in Israel

Claudia was on a convention in Israel a few weeks ago, and we have some pictures from the convention and the visit (and a new interview, but it's not in English. Yet).

Link # 1
Link # 2
Re: Claudia\'s pics in Israel

Thanks for the links. It's good too see that she's doing well nowadays. A couple of those pictures there made me actually smile. Darn! :cool:
Re: Claudia\'s pics in Israel

I've met her before. She was very nice. Warm and friendly.
Re: Claudia\'s pics in Israel

Wow--I've never seen Hebrew on my computer before! I didn't even know it was set up for it because I had to get a language pack to see Japanese writing on my computer (I love anime, so I come across Japanese anime sites a lot). Interesting.