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Claudia's new project


Beyond the rim
Claudia\'s new project

Claudia and Alexadra Tydings are working on a story called Hourglass.
You can check the page they have put up about it at:

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Re: Claudia\'s new project

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check out the site in much greater detail when I have more time.

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Re: Claudia\'s new project

We had a posting on this a while back, when someone asked us all to sign the guest book on that site, to indicate fan interest in the project.

Since the last posting in their "what's new" section is from September 2001 -- does anyone know if they're going ahead with this project?

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Michael Garibaldi
Re: Claudia\'s new project

I remember signing on that sight. How is this project going?

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