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Claudia Watches Babylon 5 for the First Time

Yeah i follow her on facebook so i've been reading them, it is a bit disapointing she hadn't watched them until now i get it though working on a tv series is a huge thing it takes over your life in some cases and you just want to get away from it sometimes, most scifi actors haven't seen their series.

I think from now on it should be a requirement for major characters in scifi to be expected to watch the show they help make lol
Depending on how each one approaches things, I think a lot of the cast and crew read the whole scripts even if they didn't watch the show, so that counts. Plus, it's always amazed me that that industry considers a 12-hour work day reasonable. 12 hours of work, commute time, actual real life...no wonder she never watched it at the time!

Lots of actors don't partiuclarly LIKE to watch themselves. Everyone's got a different process, you know? Some people like to watch the playback and critique themselves item by item, some forget the role and move on the moment it's done. Some never want to see themselves on stage or screen. And for some people a gig is just a gig, you know? You do the work, you get paid, you cash the check, and you don't go back and revisit it for fun any more than an insurance file clerk goes through last year's adjustment files for fun.

Actors. All different, y'no?
I think it's kinda cool that she's watched the show. I too follow her on Facebook, but I haven't seen any of her comments about the show. I have seen her post B5 related pics, and many of them are hilarious. Good to see she has a sense of humor about the time she worked on the show. :cool:

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