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Claudia Christian Interviews For DVD Seasons 2-4?

I mean I know that she is on the upcoming Season 2 DVD's and J.M.S. already mentioned score work on the Season 3 DVD set but it's the first time I've heard any information hinting at a Season 4 (my favorite Season) set...

Here's what her site says...

"Claudia will be doing some interviews for the new Babylon 5 DVDs coming out.. seasons 2-4. Stay tuned for more info."

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JMS mentioned that in the same usenet post where the talked about the music for S3. In addition he said that Stephen Furst would be recording interviews for seasons 2 through 5. Not terribly surprising. Now that there is no reason to expect that WHV won't be releasing all five seasons, it makes sense for them to interview each cast member about all the seasons they appeared in when they have the chance. The room is set aside, the camera crew is there, why risk Claudia or Stephen Furst or whoever not being available in 2003 or 04 when they begin prepping the late seasons? Frankly I'm surprised they didn't do a more extensive interview with Furst when they talked to him for the S1 set.