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Cinescape.com's Rangers Review


Cinescape.com\'s Rangers Review

Here's a review of the Ranger's movie from Cinescape.com.
Warning - there be spoilers here.

Cinescape Ranger's Review

It works now!

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Re: Cinescape.com\'s Rangers Review

You should probably check your links after you post them. It has an extra "http://" at the beginning of it. You might get more responses if it actually worked.

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Re: Cinescape.com\'s Rangers Review

Thanks for the link, spuzzum.

It seems though that any comments concerning that particular review have concentrated into this thread: B5LR TLaDiS review that pi**ed me off... .

One thing I really don't get - and I'm not talking about the negativity, that's a matter of opinion - is why would a reviewer reveal so much actual plot information, and this before the movie airs?! Did he have a set no. of words that he had to write and found that essentially summarizing the plot is the best way to go about this?

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