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Chrysalis Question

I was watching this morning just before Delenn enters her cocoon she goes to Ambassador Kosh because she is unsure of the prohecy what did he show her ?
his face. "when the darkness comes, all you have to do is look into the face of a Vorlon. Once you see that all doubt is erased forever".
Delenn is not just anyone. She'd been considering the prophecy for a long time, and had already made up her mind -- mostly. Kosh's appearance just settled the matter.
Yes, I think that reminded her that she had to do what was necessary to prepare for the coming Shadow War.
It's at least three years since I have seen this episode, but I am sure you are correct. She had really made up her mind but she just wanted to be sure she was headed in the right direction. She trusted Kosh.

Of course, you have to realize she didn't really know what she would be like when she emerged from the chrysalis. All she knew was she was merging her DNA with that of Valen.
I think she hoped she would become a link between her people and the humans. However, when she emerged from the chrysalis she wasn't quite there yet, so she asked Franklin what she was. The pain in her voice is because she's terrified that she failed, that she didn't become the link she wanted.
All she knew was she was merging her DNA with that of Valen.

No, she didn't. Until "War Without End" no one anywhere connected the Chrysalis device with DNA, and no one knew that Valen had used it. All Delenn knew was that she would change and that the change was foretold in one of Valen's famously vague prophecies. (As is made clear when she emerges from the chrysalis and takes the hard "shell" covering her for her permanent skin.)



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