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Children of Dune


The Sci-fi channel's version of Dune was released in a 3 disc director's cut. Does anyone know if there are plans to do this with Children of Dune. If not, any suggestions about where I might could find this information.
Its already out for Region 1. No special features like on Dune though.

(I thought it was quite good BTW)
Its already out for Region 1.

Is that a *director's cut* of CoD, though, or just the regular broadcast version? I know the regular broadcast version is out (I own it :D ), but I hadn't heard anything about a *director's cut* of CoD like there was of Dune.
The version available in the US is the broadcast version. There is no "director's cut" so far, and from what I have read, there is little chance of there being one. I continue to hold out hope, though, and have not yet got that version, as I have and love the director's cut of Dune .

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