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Children of Dune (NO spoilers)


I don't have Sci-fi but i have a friend taping the series for me. Is it any good? Without giving anything away was it faithful to the book(s)? I haven't read the book(s) in a while so is the movie easy to follow without remembering much from the books? Thanks for the help
I've seen and read dune. I saw the old movie as well. Just wanted to hear how the show was without seeing spoilers.
It was well worth watching. I have not yet seen the last hour or so, but I will watch it tonight or tomorrow.

It was well done, IMHO. Some people say it was slow in the lst 2 hours. But I think it's well worth watching.

I won't say it's the greatest miniseries ever. (Shogun or Roots or Holocaust maybe.) But it is well worth watching.

I liked the actors. The story, of course, is good. The costumes are a little less ridiculous looking compared to the first Dune miniseries.

The navigator looked silly. But that is a very, very minor complaint in what was a very enjoyable miniseries. I look forward to watching the last hour or hour and a half that I missed because it came on so late here (10pm to midnight the day before I left on my trip).
I didn't really like it. I don't know. I read Dune and I saw the miniseries, but I just didn't like it. There was something about the way Herbert writes that repels me from the book.
I think I like the ambiguity of the story. I hope this isn't spoiling anything, since I am not being specific. But there are some obvious villians and heros at first in the Dune saga. It gets a little blurrier after that, though. It is thought-provoking and I think gives a pretty honest portrayal of what FH was trying to get at with his series.

Of course, anything ever written will have fans and people either neutral to it or detesting it. That's the wonderful diversity of human nature, eh? :)
The person in charge of taping the miniseries for me didn't do it. Now i'm stuck trying to download it from the net. Scifi isn't showing it again for some time. Reminds me of what happend with Rangers (had to download that too).
They power-housed its presentation. They showed the first episode again, for example, on the second night. I think they showed all three on the third night. Then repeated them later (the weekend, maybe?). I still have not seen the last hour or hour and a half or so. It has been a weird and busy two weeks.

All I can say is, it is low-budget, but I think well done. I admit, I would have trouble comparing it to the Lynch movie. The Lynch movie is more intense, I think. But the miniseries (both Dune and Children of Dune) cover a much greater scope.
There was something about the way Herbert writes that repels me from the book.
I know what u mean. Herbert has got a great imagination but he's not so good at the *writing* aspect. Reading his books is like swimming through treacle...slow and frustrating. That's why I gave up after forcing myself to read through Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.
I can't remember how many of the books I read. :eek: More than the first one, but not the entire series, I think.

It was a bit hard to get through IIRC. Much more fun to watch it on the screen. :D
It was very hard to pay attention while reading the last two books. But i am definitely glad i got through it all so that i can have a picture of the entire arc in my head. I don't know if i'll ever read the new books his son has written.
I read one of the prequels his son was co-author for. It wasn't bad and it wasn't great. All in all, I enjoyed it, though. I have not read more than the first one, though.

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