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Chess Game in the B5-Universe , anyone ?


Anyone fancy joining me in a Chess Game "with a twist" ? The "twist" being that we set the game in the B5-Universe , the War against the Shadows , and pair the chess moves with short roleplaying posts ?

For example , White shall be the Forces of "Good" ( with say Delenn as the White Queen , Sheridan or Sinclair the White King , Markas a White Knight etc ) and Black shall be the Forces of Darkness ( the Shadows\Vorlons etc , with the Shadow-Queen being the Black Queen , Mr Morden perhaps a Black Knight etc etc ).

At the onset of the game we need set up our forces , name each of our chess-pieces , so the other knows his\her opposition.

Example of a chess-move : Pawn D2-D4 ( the actual chess-move ; we need to monitor the moves on chessboards in our homes to keep track )

RP-text beneath : "Whitestar 4 ( i.e. this White Pawn ) went on a scouting-mission to look for enemy fighters .. "

or for example Pawn D4xD5 ( takes the other )

"Whitestar 4 fired upon the other ship and though it fought back with strength it was destroyed".

RPing thus can make for a fun and interesting story , and an entertaining game , as long as we do this with some realism , maturity and respect for the other so it doesn`t turn into pure silliness or any such .. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

No timelimit on posting in the string\thread , we do so when we get the time and inclination. And each decides how long a RP-post he wants to pair with the actual chess-move ( but we don`t want epics okies , just a little scene-description ).

I wanna play White in this game ( I got this idea okies , so I have first choice /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif ) and so I need someone who is into chess who wants to play Black. I am no great chess-player , you don`t have to be either , but you should know the rules of the game okies.

Anyone interested ? ( or must I play myself , not something I care for that much anymore .. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif )
Must... resist... temptation... /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

I can lose any day, and spout some nonsense, hopefully moderately interesting nonsense, to make it less hurtful. Naming the pieces would be the hardest part. You see, with "Babylon 5" as the theme, there would be no "white" pieces, and the "black" pieces were simply not introduced well enough to reveal... that most of them were dark grey.
I am not the LEAST bit surprised that Lennier beat me to this thread. But I'll play the winner.... /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Like Sheridan, I too can think like the Dark forces would think. I'll be a second to Len, if he so chooses. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Perhaps this way I can see the strategy of the light and use it to advantage in future conflicts..... /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

Translation, sounds relatively interesting and I would get in line behind Lennier to play as well. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
I just realized. If there are any Risk board game players here, then we might be able to set up a multiplayer version of your roleplaying, DC.

I don't even know what Risk would be called in other countries or if it even gets around outside of American University Dormatories. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Come, Risk players, rally to the banner..... /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
This is, of course, your show DC and it would be contingent on your interest as well. Especially since you seem to have the Roleplaying concept properly formed already yourself. Just a suggested alternative. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Interesting idea , 2aMageing. We have a game over here called RISK where you try to conquer other nations , is that the one you were thinking of ?

Lennier , I agree with your assessment but for the purposes of a RPing chess game we need two opposing forces , black and white , and so I think it is possible in the B5-Universe to have Sheridan , Delenn , the Rangers etc on one side and the Shadows\Vorlons\possibly the shady gray figures ( like Londo etc ) on the other side. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Was your answer a yes or a no to join me by playing Black in this chess game ? Your reply seemed a bit ambivalent to me. If you don`t wanna play 2aMageing is next in line. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif Lemme know okies , I look forward to playing this game! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
Fine, let us improvise with the names of pieces. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif

Forgive me if they sound horrid, but as I told, I cannot assemble a cohesive side, with all names predefined. Besides chess, I am also lousy at role-playing, despite the fact that I sometimes like to write stories. How can we avoid using the same names? I cannot tell. Only that it would feel awkward if you made a move with the light-gray Londo, which I would conter width the shadier Londo. Therefore I would make only one assumption: the same characters don't immediately against act themselves. I will generally try to be shadowy & vorlonish, but may have to resort to some others - simply because the damnedest lack of characters.

I will hereby promise to respond within reasonable time (what that means, I still cannot tell) and use no help from computing devices external to me, except pen, paper and chess board. Awaiting your move.

<font color="green">:: goes to see if he has a board available ::</font color>
Okies , we have a game , Lennier! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

One thing , as I see it we cannot have the same chess-piece characters. Londo is either a white piece or a black piece , so we won`t get the situation you mention ( a shady grey Londo meeting a white Londo etc ). I suggest Londo in our game is a Black player\piece ( because of his shady sides ) , okies ? I will not use Vir either so if you wish to use him you are welcome to ( though he is mostly "white" in reality ).

Yes , it is easier to assemble the Forces of Good , the White Pieces *nods*. By "improvising the names of pieces" did you mean to create names for pieces "of the dark" that were not mentioned in the series ? I am fine with that since there are fewer characters to pick from on the "dark side" of the B5-Universe.

I also suggest that the 8 pawns we each have are spaceships ( eks. Shadow Vessel , Whitestars etc ) and if you wish to name each of yours specifically that is fine by me. Mine will be Whitestars 1 to 8 I think.

Are you ok with this ? If no lemme know /forums/images/icons/smile.gif , if yes then let`s start by making a post where we introduce our Forces ( i.e. our chess-pieces ) for the other to see ( Left White Knight = xxx , Left Black Castle = xxx , White Queen = xxx , Black Queen = xxx etc ). When we have both posted this , then I can as White Player begin the game with my first move. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Well, by improvising I meant that perhaps, if we still give the name of the actual chess piece, and its address below, we can excercise some creative freedom with the pawns and figures. Because it might be quite difficult to keep track of where the left (knight/horse) or right (bishop/spear) ended up.

Indeed, pawns make good ships. I think we *could* leave them without definite names as well, naming them only when we move them. Despite the fact that their travels are more limited, when pawns strike someone, they move diagonally and would end up causing confusion.

I think this *might* work better. Otherwise the story part would get too strict-ruled and limited, diminishing the strategy part. Besides, given that I cannot figure out if the Shadows themselves or their weapons pose a greater threat, and because they probably have no central authority, they are not really the easiest side to map into chess pieces.

The following are possibilities, but I suspect we may occasionally have to deviate quite far from those namings.

Black Queen = Associates (Shadows personally)
Black King = Eye (Shadow command centre)
Bishops / Spears = Most likely minions
Knights / Horses = Agents and allies from younger races
Castles = Major weapons (planetkiller and X'ha'dam base?)
Pawns = Ships

Alternatively, if someone else is eager to play and actually enjoys both RPG and chess (I like chess, but cannot write anything decent with limited possibilites, which is why I never play RPG)... they are welcome.

Because currently I feel like I will fail the story due to misunderstanding and fail the game due to some embarrassing error.

However, if the above suits and nobody else wants... feel free to write the first move and some comments.
White Pawn E2-E3 : The game begins

I am ok with what you suggest. I think the easiest would be to just begin the game and see how things go and then we can modify things as we go if that should become necessary /forums/images/icons/smile.gif . The gaming-aspect is what matters and pairing that with some roleplay in the B5-Universe I thought might be fun and interesting. The quality or amount of what we write is not what counts here , it`s the strategy and the fun game. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

For my White Pieces I have chosen specific B5-characters ( and you can name your individual characters later if you wish , or keep your pieces as weapons \ command-centre etc - your choice /forums/images/icons/smile.gif ) as follows :

White Pawns - from left to right : Whitestars 1 to 8
White Left Castle : Ivanova
White Left Knight : Markas
White Left Bishop : Lennier
White Queen : Delenn
White King : Sheridan
White Right Bishop : Garibaldi
White Right Knight : Zack
White Right Castle : Sinclair

Okies , let`s play! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

<font color="blue">Chess move</font color> : White Pawn E2-E3

<font color="red">Roleplay</font color> : "Whitestar 5 entered the jumpgate and flew into hyperspace. They did not expect any shadow-vessels this close to B5 , the enemy-fleet had been spotted far away , but even so it was prudent to be on the lookout."
Black Pawn E7-E5

<font color="yellow">Roleplay:</font color> "Most believe that in preparation for our movement, its is efficient to monitor known trade routes for opportunities. While we contact allies and choose our direction, we should not miss valuable information. One interesting region is sector 14 near Epsilon Eridani. I have wondered for some time, which conflict cost Earth its previous space station," the associate said.

:: Shadow observation vessels are dispatched.
:: A scout with some fighters heads to investigate
:: the Epsilon Eridani sector.

<font color="yellow">Chess move:</font color>

Black Pawn E7-E5

Edit: pardon for the initial mess-up (E2-E5). I somehow took your pawn's coordinates and used them for an impossible move. I guess it takes some time getting used to the Shadow side. Must proof-read my posts in the future.
White Left Knight B1-C3

<font color="blue">Roleplay</font color> : Staring into space Markas wondered at the approaching night. We serve and protect, the Ranger-part of him whispered , but are we ready for what comes ? Vigilance was a part of him , his Ranger-training had seen to that , and he took strength from Sheridan`s words of the previous day : United we are strong , Never shall we yield our freedom.

<font color="red">Chess-move</font color> : White Left Knight B1-C3
Black Pawn D7-D5

<font color="#0090D0">Question:</font color>

If Dawnchild agrees, perhaps this topic might better belong in the General Discussion forum, where most matters involving B5, containing RPG or fan fiction generally are?

<font color="yellow">Story:</font color>

"I have cancelled my trip to Minbar, for reasons of time", Ziirq wrote in its message. "Data retreived by our probes indicate opportunities, but also threats. It is requested that any base within convenient distance of Epsilon Eridani dispatch a better-equipped intelligence-gathering unit, capable of operating in enemy proximity. This one is sending me garbage, and I'm having serious trouble sifting through.

To my knowledge, the Machine of Epsilon has changed guardians. We have detected a ship, its builder and crew unknown, based heavily on Vorlon technologies. The human space station has become a major hub of commerce, attracting most spacefaring races. Yet sadly enough, it may be corrupted with Vorlon influence.

I recommend contacting the new guardian of the Machine, offering our profitable cooperation. We must prepare to establish our presence on the station. It provides excellent chances to determine the direction of various civilisations, lend them our assistance. The ship should be approached, preferably captured while intact. Its technical basis indicates doubtless hostility.

Of the previous station, I can finally tell. One of our loyal Drakh is certain of its destruction, by none other than their agents. During its building, before most of us had returned, they noted a similarity with the base used by Valen. To ensure our suspicions regarding Valen would be sufficiently addressed, they delivered a fusion bomb."


Shiv'kala noted with joy that their hard work of several months was finally yielding results. They had found a starless planet with suitable substrate, alerted the dark masters, who had brought the Machine. Slowly but surely, it had grown, sending its tentacles deep into surface, seeking nourishment and mapping its new home. It had reached their settlement and accepted it, recognizing allies devoted to the same cause.

This would become one of the main bases in the Great Change, a place for production, one which their effort would doubtlessly come to rely on. Now, its was completing its first tasks, learning its trade, specializing and growing. The first ship, a small scout vessel, had broken free and darted into the void after five days of growth.

This one, already twice bigger, with the long, straight antennas of battle vessels, had taken three days. Everyone knew that a battle vessel needed a core, and two had volunteered. However, dark masters from Home had instructed him to refuse. It was a great honor, to have your people chosen for more complicated tasks than this.

A ship had arrived with Wurt surgeons and several prepared cores, oddly enough a yet unknown species. Worried that the removal of Drakh from amongst acceptable cores might not be a gesture of honor, he had queried who those were, and why they carried odd implants, suspended in cryostasis.

One surgeon, before receiving a meaningful look from her peer, and thereafter staying silent, had explained that those were called Humans. Shiv'kala knew of those, but had only noticed their ships. The implants, the Wurt told, were not for enhancement. It was simply that those were not volunteers.

He had learned that the new policy, gaining wider and wider support, was to request a price, from every party assisted, in beings of their own kind, preferably mindwalkers. To taste the rewards, they would have to carry their part of the burden. If mindwalkers were available, that better. In such a case, it would mean turning Vorlon weapons against their creators, which was generally perceived as very efficient.

It was secretly rumoured that some of the dark masters, ever divided in their complex affairs, disagreed with this practise, had even suggested discarding the Eye. Knowing this, even some of the Drakh might be uncertain. However, she had explained, most supported. Shiv'kala understood the benefit.


The ship broke off, hovered as if to study some new world. Then quietly, silently, very differently from full battle vessels, it slipped away into nothingness, disappearing from eyes and sensors. Before it disappeared, Shiv'kala noted it had headed towards the star known as Epsilon Eridani.

<font color="yellow">Move:</font color>

Black Pawn D7-D5
White Pawn D2-D4

<font color="green">Your question</font color> : Is fine by me if this topic is moved to General Discussion. Due to its diverse nature I was unsure where it belonged and so put it in Off Topic.

<font color="blue">Roleplay</font color>: Command Centre had received reports that an unknown vessel , suspected to be of shadow-technology , had been spotted close to the star Epsilon Eridani and so Whitestar 4 was sent out to scout. It had a Minbary crew and Senhiar of the Anla-Shok captained the ship. He had clear-cut orders : observe and report in but do not intervene.

There was some risk involved , they all knew that , but B5-Command needed badly to confirm whether Epsilon Eridani was a focal point for enemy military buildup , perhaps the enemy had military bases on planets orbiting the star. It is worth the risk , Senhiar thought to himself , any advantage we can gain will aid us in the coming war.

For there was no doubt that war was coming.

Speeding through hyperspace , alone in that place inbetween that hyperspace in many ways was , though a backup-vessel mirrored their path should they need urgent assistance , time passed differently than anywhere else. Or so atleast it seemed to many of those who travelled there.

"Now!" Senhiar said in minbari and they left hyperspace behind , entering normal space and seeing the star and orbiting planets before them. So far they had not encountered anything and the crew stared out across the dark landscape of space , looking for signs of the enemy.

For a long while there was nothing , no movements at all. Nothing. Suddenly then , far to the left , there was movement and the Captain made them shift course so that they could see more clearly. They did not want to come too close to whatever was out there but needed to ascertain its identity , if possible.

Had they been detected yet ? Despite his calm minbari-exterior the Captain`s pulse increased. He considered.

"Stop!" came the order from the Captain and Whitestar 4 came to a halt , hovering. The vessel before them in the distance looked foreign to Senhiar , atleast from what he could see of it. He did not want to go any closer. "They have seen us , Captain!" The Navigator`s words registered in his mind and he nodded , almost to himself. It was to be expected.

Would they have time to outrun the vessel ? Should he call the backup ? His orders were explicit : do not engage in any confrontation with the enemy should they appear. He made his decision. "Notify Command Centre" , the Captain ordered ,"and Whitestar 5. Weapons ready."

And what now ?

Staring into the distance he gave the order to pull back slowly. The ship began moving ever so slowly as all eyes were on the foreign vessel which still was far away.

<font color="red">Chess-move</font color> : White Pawn D2-D4
Black Right Knight B8-C6

<font color="#0098D8">Story:</font color>

"In replacement of Ziirq, who has monitored the Epsilon situation so far, but now departed to Minbar, despite suspicions that the objective is no longer attainable... in replacement, this one will observe. Given increased presence, we can afford to provoke the enemy vessels to gather data about their strength. This one has access to all data previously gathered, so zog everyone who dares to send old questions. This one is busy figuring out how to best approach the Guardian.

The political situation is favourable, and could be easily directed from this space station, named Babylon 5. Growing contradictions between the Narn and Centauri facilitate approaching both. Tensions remain between the Brakiri, Gaim, Drazi, Vree and Hyach. Notably, even the Abbai and Pak'ma'ra have escalated into trade blockade.

Certain factions on Earth are planning retaliation against Minbar, certain Minbari factions are planning to finish the war with Earth. The old emperor of Centauri Prime has recently died, leaving behind a vacuum of power, power desired by many. Earth has passed this stage, exhibiting signs of increasing centralized control, with a noticable rift between telepaths and normals.

There are individuals and even organisations trying to promote peaceful forms of competition, along those free trade and cooperation. While their activity has doubtless beneficial sides, such as furthering interchange of efficient ideas and technologies, regretfully we cannot consider them desirable. They have been touched by the enemy. My experience, from no less than two hundred million cycles, suggests this is beyond correction.

We have also noticed that the enemy have sent an ambassador to this station, to directly deal with the younger races, manipulate and corrupt them. Until a long-term reply is found, we should send our own ambassador. The Vorlon uses disguise, masking its true nature. Our representative should communicate and move more fluently.

I suggest using the services of Morden, from the xenoarchaeology team which tried to approach the Eye. He has knowledge of most younger races, good persuasive skills, some independence and loyalty. To support his efforts, we should send two associates. However, given our lack of direct contact with younger races, associates should not force their decisions on him. In some matters, his expertise is as valued as ours."


"May I have your identicard, please? Thank you. Anything to declare?"
"Only my shadow, but it always comes with me."
"How long are you likely to say, and which is the purpose of your visit?"
"Finding contacts and business opportunities. It is difficult to estimate how long. I am well insured, and have sufficient funds to stay for extended periods. It might even be necessary to take up residence here, in which case, trust me to register."
"Thank you, your card is clear. Have a nice stay."


"Operative 7, urgent message from Control."
"It seems that our mutual friend mister Morden has appeared on Babylon 5, with plans of contacting alien powers. The president and committee consider this unacceptable. It poses a grave danger to Earth interests. You are to observe his dealings, report any suspicious contacts, and should the situation warrant, excercise your own judgement in the best interests of humanity. Is this clear?"

Noticing information in the miserable excuse for encryption, the associate retreived and ran its simplest evolutionary decryption algorithm. Now it could see inside packets, read fields holding data, checksums, structures and addresses. It glanced at the human system, noticed its many layers, careful checks and security measures, evaluated their computing environment, quickly selected a suitable virus.

It embedded the virus into packets, modified address ranges to have the virus accumulate into buffer, finally forming execuatable code, lauchining itself upon a mis-addressed jump, and retreiving control to the original communications session. It recalculated keys and checksums, dropped the packets back into the data stream.

Soon, the virus responded, with data hidden into upstream packets, offering the results of initial scans. The associate considered, chose which features to exploit, delivered blueprints for building the wanderers, and which limits they should observe. Soon, it would know what the Earth government *really* wanted.

<font color="#0098D8">Move:</font color>

Black Right Knight B8-C6
White Right Bishop F1-B5

<font color="green">Comment</font color>: I have found that our storybuilding has perhaps become too complex atleast compared to what I had in mind and is inadvertantly slowing down the game , atleast for me ... , I will therefore focus on shorter roleplay-posts from now on and thence quicker moves. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

<font color="blue">Roleplay</font color>: Garibaldi was a suspicious man and watching the security-monitors from his base of operations his eyes reflected his inner thoughts. This was his job and he would be darned if he was not going to do it well. Watching faces appear on the screen , visitors to B5 , his eyes narrowed as he saw a dark-haired man in the picture. He was talking to the guard and showing his identicard. Something about the man and his bearing gave Garibaldi a premonition , his gut instinct told him he would have to deal with him in the future.

What are you here for then , Mr Stranger ? We have enough trouble coming up and don`t need any more. You will bear watching I bet ..

<font color="red">Chess-move</font color> : White Right Bishop F1-B5
Black Right Bishop C8-D7

<font color="yellow">Comment:</font color>

Fine for me. I will also try to make my story simpler, but I fear this may not always be possible. I simply cannot write short pieces of story, because the Shadow characters have next to no background, and to write something meaningful, I must try to introduce them.

<font color="yellow">Story:</font color>

Relieved from the old assignment, the assassin quickly gathered belongings, slipped onto a departing cargo vessel. Shadow ways of influencing policy often meant stealing crucial data or objects, sometimes removing undesirable opponents. They had assigned a specialist kind of creatures for those very tasks. Direct involvement with the younger races was something the dark masters seldom did. It was below them. They delegated their powers via suitable agents.

Invisible at choice, deceptive in appearance and telekinetic, the assassins were suitable agents for difficult tasks. While battle vessels engaged fleets, techno-mages offered scientific favours, Drakh managed allies and resources, Soldiers of Darkness fought assignments of open combat... assassins carried duties of espionage. They regarded the inner tier of minions, especially the Drakh as competitors.

However, to assist the dark masters who had given them valuable abilities, they would tolerate living near and cooperating with the Drakh, moving in seats of government: courts, senates, councils, palaces. This was considered promotion. Instead of running Drakh errands on Centauri Prime, Vsyl would assist Morden, their special envoy to Babylon 5. While generally, the rebel space station was not highly regarded, it was a place of power, remarkably low in profile. That their ambassador and two of the dark masters personally resided here, it meant this place would have relevance.

Vsyl wondered if the assignments awaiting here would be difficult, which enemy forces this city in space harboured. Despite willingness to die for the cause, assassins much preferred living, considering self-sacrifice the business of fanatical Drakh. They were professionals. Gaining experience was difficult enough, so who could afford wasting it? Often, to reach the desired object or person, one would have to trick clever opponents, slip past telepaths, circumvent security systems, even fight against unbalanced odds.

One thing was certain. There were plenty of mind-readers, a vile creation which one must preferably avoid. Some might even serve the enemy ambassador, someone whom only the dark masters could face without fear. Why were his services needed? Vorlon minions from the younger races? Vsyl had read of an organisation called Anla'shok, mainly Minbari, founded by Valen during the last Change. They were on the other side. They sought to sabotage the Change. Their skills were not known, for they did not move openly. Doubtlessly, Morden would tell...

He would outlive any difficult task, outlaste the Change, thus prove his worthyness and finally return to her side. If she would be well... he hoped that she would. Living and practising her arts away from big civilisations and possible lines of conflict, she was unlikely to come in harm's way. Regardless of that, Vsyl could not help but worry. There were few things he considered precious, but that creature was one...

Even for someone whose kind was not aligned, not committed to stand on the line of darkness and fire... the Change could bring many hazards and sad surprises. Despite difference of species, he knew her limits too well, for they shared the same craft. What one had received as gift from the dark masters, studied with instructors on Trantor, the other had practised by earning her living as member of the Guild of Thieves. Eventualy they had met, assigned to obtain the same artifact.

She had given it as present, in exchange for assistance, unaware of the wisdom of such a move, for denying the dark masters something they sought was always a foolish idea. From repaying the favour, a cooperation of sorts and unlikely companionship had developed.

<font color="yellow">Chess move:</font color>

Black Right Bishop C8-D7
White Pawn D4xE5

Am sure you meant C8-D7 ( not C8-C7 ) , the only possible move for that chess-piece. Okies , your Bishop is now on D7. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

<font color="blue">Roleplay</font color>: Whitestar 4 , with Captain Senhiar at the helm , only got a second`s warning and then they were under fire from the other ship. "Are the defence-shields holding?!" he shouted as the ship shook hard from the blasts and heard confirmation. "Fire!" he shouted. "Report back to Command Centre that we are under attack!"

They fired several times at the enemy-ship but it seemed to hold up very well and kept bombarding the Whitestar ship. "Defence-shields down 30%!" Seriahn registered that information and ordered that they keep firing , Whitestar 5 should be there soon!

Let`s just hope the enemy does not have any more vessels out there , that this is a solitary ship ...

Suddenly beams of light and fire from another vessel hit the foreign ship and with the combined blasts it shook badly. Whitestar 5 , they are finally here , Senhiar thought with relief.

With their joint fire the two ships destroyed the enemy-vessel , but it took longer than they had expected.

<font color="red">Chess-move</font color>: White Pawn D4xE5
Black Left Bishop F8-B4

Oh embarrassment... D7 indeed. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif
Thanks for correcting.

<font color="yellow">Story:</font color>

Despite the signal from the smaller scout vessel fading, Shiv'kala gave the order to jump. The Drakh carrier, drawn away from its course by Shadow reconnaisance vessels evaluating the unknown enemy, burst out of hyperspace.

Seconds later, the first squad of raiders, along with their own recon vessel, darted towards the offender. Immediately as position and speed data arrived, another squad went -- to try flanking them, drive them to jump towards the second Shadow vessel.

<font color="yellow">Chess move:</font color>

Black Left Bishop F8-B4
White Queen D1xD5

<font color="blue">Roleplay</font color>: "Fire!" Delenn commanded and a beam of fire left Whitestar 10 and struck the foreign vessel in the bow. Retaliatory fire shook the Whitestar-ship but it was holding up well. So far.

Through a third party they had been told that extremely valuable information about the shadow-enemy forces might be sold at the right price , should they be interested and only directly to Delenn or Sheridan . Everyone at B5 Command Centre knew it could well be a trap , but vital information about the enemy might give them just the advantage they needed for the coming conflict and so was worth the risk.

It was time to toss the dice.

It was too risky for Sheridan as commander in chief to go and so Delenn had flown out on Whitestar 10 , 6 earth-hours before. And at the rendezvous-point they had come across this foreign vessel which immediately had opened fire on them.

It was a trap after all , Delenn thought with anger as they fired another volley of fire at the ship. This blast struck fatally and the other ship exploded into nothingness. A long sigh of relief , then Delenn asked the navigator if there were any other enemy-vessels in the vicinity. The minbari replied calmly that there were none. Nodding to herself , she considered carefully.

What now ?

<font color="red">Chess-move</font color> : White Queen D1xD5
Black Left Knight G8-E7

<font color="yellow">Story:</font color>

Londo grudgingly gave the authorisation. He had to. There was no other way. Proof was clear, Morden had assisted him oftentimes. Had the Minbari refrained from selling the Narn polycrystalline armor, this could have all been avoided.

Now however, all Minbari ships in the Republic's spaceports would be immediately interned. Destroyed by the imperial fleet, should they resist. Crews would be arrested, ships surrendered for examination. Formally to the customs office, in reality to the Advanced Technologies Research Directorate. If the Narn would start building polycrystalline armor, so would the Centauri.

Little did Londo know of who had recently visited Minbar... missing all previously set objectives, Ziirq had woven a new, better plan. Wandered into Minbari research centres. Easily obtained blueprints, revised manufacturing process for added efficiency, delivered information and crucial technology samples to associates working on Narn.

Meanwhile, realizing how concerning the situation had become, the monitor of Epsilon was rewriting plans. Their chances of cooperating with the Guardian of the Rift were diminishing day by day, should more battles be fought in his front yard.

<font color="yellow">Chess move:</font color>

Black Left Knight G8-E7

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