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Centauri Republic post "Legions of Fire" *Spoilers


Centauri Republic post \"Legions of Fire\" *Spoilers

I was just thinking yesterday ... anyone have any opinions about how the Centauri culture changed after the end of the LoF trilogy? As far as I know, we haven't seen or heard any real evidence (unless JMS made a post I'm not aware of - which is quite possible) so this would just be complete speculation and socio-political predictions (any sociology / poli-sci people around here?). /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

We can obvious say things would change with Emperor Vir Cotto ... I doubt the Centauri have ever had such a leader before. But knowing what happened to lead up to his cornation adds a deeper element to this. For one, Vir had earned his position among his people - he had many loyal followers in the Legion who believed him and were willing to die for his cause to save their people. Most of the rest of the Republic probably saw him as a hero after evidence came out about the Drakh. Vir might have been from a noble house but it was a more minor one so he was also closer to the common folk - who do make the bulk of the population even if not the bulk of the power. Who knows when the last time an Emperor would be "of the people" and not "above the people". I doubt with such support the Centarum or the Houses could easily oppose him if they wanted to ...

... That is depending upon how strong they existed. The old Centerum and Ministries effectively had their heads chopped off during the final events and since they were part of the regime that included Drakh rule, I doubt many survivors would last long in the political world ... if even the material one. Most of the government was probably made anew and Vir probably had the power to pick. As for the Houses, many of them were brutally thrashed by the paronoid Durla and had been joining Vir and getting more in touch with the lower classes - smoothing over the entire social hierachy (at least for the moment - it won't last).

The military also had thrown it's full weight behind Vir and the Legion. The leader of the military (I forget his name) seemed to have lean more for equality and justice. Even though they were illegal in the ISA resolutions from the earlier war, they probably joined forces with the ISA when hunting down the Drakh.

And finally ... Vir marrying Senna as his first wife ... I can't see her taking any nonsense (like Timov) and she would probably speak her mind. I see her as a high proponant for civil rights and such since she was willing to go live with the poor and downtrodden when Londo first found her.

So ... after all that rambling ... what do you think will happen to Centauri Prime and the Republic? They suffered a devestating blow from the Drakh nukes but they have come out with a completely new government, a new leader most respect and trust in, and a powerful military that currently seems just. I see Vir as trying to bring about sever social changes, abolishing slavery (he didn't like Narn slaves, how could he like Centauri?) and pushing for more equality between the classes (he was never much for nobility and tradition). I think by this point he has the backbone to do so too. As for the Republic in the galactic scheme ... Well it seems Vir is still fairly close to Sheriden and the others - though things were estranged for awhile. He felt they were friends enough to fly to Minbar for sanctuary. But would the Centauri rejoin the Alliance? Would either side want the re-admission? I'd believe relations would begin - at least comerse and possibly some mutual alliance. Rangers were obviousily welcome in the capital (since one came to Vir) but given his surprise and the fact he knew exactly what the message could be implied Rangers visiting the Emperor were not common.

So, what does everyone else think?
Re: Centauri Republic post \"Legions of Fire\" *Spoilers

This is a great meaty subject. I think people are waiting before they respond.

I would think that the Centauri are going to have to re-evaluate the central beliefs and values they've had over the centuries. Much like post-war Germany and Japan, or the post-Cold War Russia, they will move away from thoughts of imperialism and militaristic expansion. They will have to reckon with the fact that the Drakh exploited their worst qualities from nearly two decades, and in the process, nearly destroyed them.

With Vir, the Centauri Republic will emerge from isolation, re-establish lines of comerce, fight to abolish inequities such as slavery, and quite possibly move toward a democratic process for electing leaders. Centauri Prime has seen its share of bad Emperors and Vir may make sure that he is the last Emperor they ever have.
Re: Centauri Republic post \"Legions of Fire\" *Spoilers

One thing that I could see hapening is Vir playing down the role of the Emperor. After seeing what happened with Cartagia and Durla, he might want to make sure that no one person gets to powerful. Of course that would mean Vir would have less power himself, but I think he would be one person who would be willing to do that.

After some time I could see the Centauri joining the ISA, or at least being alies with them.
Re: Centauri Republic post \"Legions of Fire\" *Spoilers

well, I think that Centauri prime would have been a much more friendly place to live because Vir really wasn't into all those power games that people like Londo played. He stayed out of them when Londo was in them, and only played them in the Centauri trilogy because they were necessary.

But I think that Vir probably would have had more respect for his people and probably would have allowed them greater freedoms than the old Centauri way did. I don't see people getting all caught up in alot of the trappings that they did during earlier times, like when Turhan and Cartagia ruled.