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centauri crest for emperor


i don't know if it's been discussed but the thing the emperor wears looks exactly like the things british and american generals wore during the revolutionary war. I was up watching the history channel it sorta caught my eye. Does it go as far back as the romans b/c the centauri are sorta based around the romans?

Yeah?Thats cool!!!I think they were based around the Romans alot there is also a hint of Royal England in there to!

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You mean the plate the Emperor wears around his neck?

It's called a gorget, and was traditionally the part of a suit of armour which covered the upper chest and neck. Nowadays, it's more ceremonial than anything, and the last military personnel I can recall to wear them as part of a uniform were the German military police during WW2.

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It makes sense that that would be the royal "symbol" instead of a crown. I imagine a crown would be hard to wear with the Centauri hair crest. There again, Londo was wearing a crown in one of his future visions of himself. It just didn't look right though. I'm glad they went with the "gorget" later on.

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I always thought the Centauri royal dress code and their society looks like something from Napolean's time. Plus I always thought there was a little of the Romans thrown in there too. A lot of their names sound kinda Latin and they dress kinda French.

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The Centauri Republic was very clearly based on the Roman Empire.

Right down to the Emperor Caligula/Cartagia.

Palace Guard/Praetorian Guard

Even the Centauri police had a Roman Soldier look to their uniforms.

The Centauri daily clothing looked more Edwardian England than Napoleonic France, to me.

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