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Censored edits


Super Moderator
Why does it say "censored" all over your post if you make a mistake and go back to edit it?

I have noticed that when I post and there is a mistake in the post and I want to go back and edit it, it will show the post with "censored" all over it. Then I have to go back, delete the thread, and re-type it, hoping I won't make any more mistakes! :mad:

Unless I've dreamed this, there was a similar problem after the last board upgrade... or major upgrade or something. I know I've seen it before. Must be some quirk in the UBB.threads software. Someone (Antony? ChilliBear?) got rid of it then though.

It really is quite annoying. Pah!
Cool! :cool:

Now if I make a mistake and don't see it until I post, it won't say "Censored" all over it! :LOL:

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