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Casting Rumors


Are there any rumors about Babylon 5 actors buying tickets to Canada yet?

In order to start filming in September JMS needs to have the stars and sound stage agreed by now.
:LOL: Good angle, there.

Yea, I thought September seemed a bit rushed, too.

I hope they don't blow it by trying to rush it. It's likely (I hope) that this is more an indication that they'd already done some preliminary talking, and felt they could confidently sign someone up by then.

I hope. :eek:
Are there any rumors about Babylon 5 actors buying tickets to Canada yet?

As of JMS's post dated 7/24, the location for filming isn't set:

Ultimately, whether we shoot in Vancouver or elsewhere
will be a function of the deal that gets made locally.

He did say at SDCC that it would be Vancouver but that was responding to a pushy fan trying to get an audition.

I also wouldn't hold him to the exact dates since he just posted the other day that his first priority has to be 'Changeling' and then he can work on B5: TLT and the new historical film.

13 August 2006

Tonight I sent this note to all parties with whom discussions are or
have taken place concerning convention appearances through the rest of
the year.

With regrets to all concerned, the crush of work has left me no choice
but to cancel all convention plans through at least February '07, and
potentially beyond that. This is something I have been agonizing over
for some time, but recent events have left no room for maneuvering.

My sincere and profound apologies to all concerned. I hope you will
understand that this was not a decision made lightly, and it is my hope
that we can reconvene in the future.

With regrets --


No clues but it is good to see JMS is busy.
Like the man has to apologize for having found a sudden surge of interest in his work. :LOL:

Go get 'em, JMS! :beer:
I must admit there is a lot of posabilities here.Sinclaires girlfriend,Zack,Bester,Vir are a few I'd like to see.The soul hunters,agents of the shadows(like the one that ate organs in series 1)would be a few things I'd like to see.

Exciting eh :D

I'm afraid to get too excited. Can it really be true??

If by "it" you mean "production of B5: The Lost Tales" the answer is a barely-qualified "yes".

Warner Bros. has committed to the project, they have singed contracts with Netter and JMS, approved a budget and agreed to distribute the resulting stories through their new direct-to-DVD divisioin even if they can't make a deal to also have them run on TV (which they are pursuing.)

Short of all of the surviving actors turning JMS down flat there is no way this is not going to go forward for at least the first batch of three. (As with everything in show business, or any other business, whether a new series/project/widget continues is a function of the market. Nothing is ever 100% certain.) If he can get two or three of the established actors for the first trilogy, the thing will get made. And if it does well enough to go on I'm sure that other actors who weren't intereest originally (or weren't available) will be more open to appearing in the later batches.

Now, JMS may not make his target date of getting production started by the end of September if everyone's schedule doesn't mesh, but I doubt things would be delayed by very much. Most of the actors haven't been terribly busy (at least with TV or movie work) since the end of the series, and none are tied down as regulars in other series.

(Doyle has his radio show, but talk show hosts get vacations, too, and his producers would probably be delighted by the added exposure having on TV again would get the show - especially since he could at least mention it while doing press for B5:TLT. Peter Jurasik retired from acting to teach in North Carolina, but i suspect the prospect of playing Londo again would be enough to coax him back. Maggie Egan - who played the "good" ISN anchor - has said that she'd come out of retirement to reprise that role and do B5 again if given the chance, so I'd be surprised if Peter didn't.)


What, the guy couldn't be qualified for anything else?


I was assuming theater or possibly literature, but let's face it: it was a legitimate question.

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