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Cast list for Harry Potter IV

Doc Gonzo? Have you read the books? Voldemort isn't supposed to have a deep voice, it's supposed to be a high raspy voice. I think he'll be great. Really looking forward to Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter too.
Yes but if it's too high you'll lose some menace. This may be one case where not following the book exactly is best when making a movie. If he sounds like Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit there will be problems.
I have no fear of that, JKR really turned a corner with PoA book (Which Alfonso made the movies turn as well) and GoF turned another corner. I have faith that JKR will not allow her world to be contaminated by a cheezy Voldemort in the flesh.
I cant wait till this comes out this was my favorite Book!
Fantastic Casting and I think Ralph Finnes will be great though I would of prefered him and Sirus to of been cast the other way around but thats just my preference.
Oh and woohoo Jason Issacs is back again *swoon*