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Casablanca SE


I mentioned this in another thread, but just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the new 2-disc Special Edition of Casablanca comes out today.

I picked it up and am listening to the Roger Ebert commentary now. Entertaining and informative. There's also another commentary as well as a bunch of extras.

Most importantly, the video is gorgeous. Even more importantly, Ingrid Bergman is in the film.

Best movie ever? Many say yes. A crucial part of any decent DVD collection.
What's the difference between the older DVD? Better quality picture? If so then i'll probably get it again. If not then probably not worth it.
The video transfer is improved, yes. There are also more extras.

It's similar to the other Warner Brothers SEs, like Amadeus and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
GKE could you do me a favor? There's the scene where Sam starts to play As Time Goes By for the first time at Elsa's request. Rick then comes out all in a huff about Sam playing the song. In the DVD I have the music and video messes up there. Does it do it in the SE? Thanks
I'm not sure what you mean- are you saying that the sound and video don't synch up?

Anyway, I just checked it out and it looks fine.
Not that they don't sync up but there is a lot of noise and popping sounds. Well since you said that you didn't see or hear anything then i might be inclined in purchasing it. Man i hate having to buy something twice. Don't they make enough money without making a special edition 2 years after the first dvd came out?
I don't mind it, really. The first DVD was not bad at all (though I either never noticed or didn't have the noise problem you describe).

It's not like you have to buy the SE. That's for those of us who want an even better transfer and all the extras.

What pisses me off is when they a release a DVD that sucks, then release a good transfer and call it a the SE, as if "looking decent" is a goddamn special feature. They did that with Once Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Fortunately I never bought the first one.