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I just had to ask if anyone else is still watching this show besides me, because I would hate to think that I'm the only one that's being jerked around by this series. I've been a loyal viewer from the very beginning, but I have to admit that I don't know anything more about what the hell is going on than I did after watching the pilot. After every episode, I feel like Kwai Chang Caine trying to snatch a pebble from the master's hand, only to come away empty-handed at every turn. Every Sunday, I keep dropping quarters into this slot machine waiting for some sort of payoff and it never comes. Yeah, I know I should just stop watching, but I've crossed the point of no return now. I haven't felt this duped by a tv show since the X-Files.
PT, what you're describing is exactly what I feel with Lost. I'm losing patience already.

But, I don't know why, with Carnivale I never feel this.

So I'm still enjoying it.
I think we've got to put a list together of shows like this in order to warn people from getting sucked into these sorts of traps. I keep thinking about all those lost hours of watching the X-Files, what else could I have done with that time? I could have cured cancer, invented the penis elongator, wrote the great american novel, got high, who knows what else.
The trick is to know when to cut bait, as the saying goes, and pretend that anything after a certain point never really existed.......for me, my beloved X-Files never continued past season 3, maybe 4.......that's my reality and I'm sticking to it. ;)
I've been enjoying it so far, myself. For me, the payoff comes from simply viewing each episode. Or maybe I'm a sucker. I'd like to believe it's the first.
I adore Carnivale and keep getting more and more impressed with it. I have the first season on DVD and rewatching it has opened my eyes, especially if you're looking for specific things. It's not a fast-paced show, but it's got a lot of meat... and I mean a LOT. The creator said "this is a show you simply HAVE to watch more than once . . . actually, you have to watch it a few times."

It's just my kind of show. I feel the same way about Deadwood. The story is very deliberate and it goes at its own pace. I like that. If you want me to post things that I've discovered from the storyline, would be happy to do so, but there's quite a bit. :) Up to you!
And about Alias... yeah, that show can deliver a LOT of twists and turns. I also own S1 - S3 of that and rewatching the episodes help to clarify some stuff. It's fun... It's no B5, but then again, what is?
I've been enjoying it so far, myself. For me, the payoff comes from simply viewing each episode. Or maybe I'm a sucker. I'd like to believe it's the first.

I was going to say similar. PT was saying about being able to cure cancer instead of watching the X-Files, but that goes for all TV. All TV is a pointless activity in the end, other than just relaxing for 45 minutes.

Alluveal, I definitely agree. I rewatched half of season one of Carnivale and picked up loads of little bits that just make sense more the 2nd time around.

So I have to question why I don't have this feeling with Lost, why I'm losing patience. I can only assume that it's because so much is done as flasbacks... so there doesn't feel any story moving in the present day. I know it adds good information, and I loved flash back episodes in DS9 and the like. But I think I like them as context to the characters I'm seeing develop in the present day, and I don't feel as if there's enough "present day" in Lost.
I've been wondering about both Lost and Carnivale. Now I guess I'll wait until a few seasons of each are on DVD.
I'm still watching Carnivale, enjoying it very much, and not feeling the least bit cheated. I am watching it in HD now, on my 56" DLP TV, which makes it even more incredible. It is slow paced, but incredibly rich in detail, and characters. I am beginning to get what I think it is moving towards, and it seems to be moving a bit faster, and I expect some real revelations this season, and it looks like it may climax this season, so, I wonder if there will even be another. I generally watch each ep twice, sometimes saving three on the DVR, and watching them in a row.

I find its elements of a good everyman, who has the power to heal, vs a demon possessed preacher, who seemed to be good, before the possession totally took him, and the coming power of the age of science, in the form of the atomic bomb, which could be used by the evil forces, to be fascinating. I think it's culmination will be the end of the age of the supernatural. And, it has such great characters, very well written, and acted.