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Care to see my story?

In case anyone is interested my fantasy/Crusade story "Face in the
Portrait" is now up on my website: http://ladymargot.0catch.com/Face%20in%20the%20Portrai2.html

It's incomplete but I'm working on it.


Umm... so Galen got carried away with reading the Babylon 5 parallel universe story?

Most curious.
Most interesting, I would have to say.

You may not know, but I'm a person who usually hates fantasy. I have tried to read some, but miserably failed. Mention magic without a hint of science behind it -- and the Shadow part of my personality immediately gets nitpicky, totally destroying my ability to enjoy a story.

That said, the parallel storylines of your story had the balance exactly right. I could follow the fantasy storyline without objections, without skipping parts and even enjoy it. I may assure you that this happens very rarely. Thank you!

Your story is most interesting.
I wish you many good ideas and hope to see more!

Aside from that, I have one technical suggestion. The name of your HTML file has spaces in it. I would recommend removing them. Not all browsers like spaces in URL paths. Mine opened it, but some may not.

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