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Capt. Gideon on "Karen Sisco"

Capt. Gideon on \"Karen Sisco\"

Can't believe nobody has posted this already, but Gary Cole - the new VP on NBC's The West Wing is also doing a guest shot tonight on ABC's Karen Sisco. For those of you who forgot that ABC exists (which seems to be a large fraction of the TV audience) Karen Sisco is a U.S. Marshall who has featured in a couple of Elmore Leonard novels and the movies adapted from them, most notably Out of Sight in which Sisco was played by Jennifer Lopez and her quarry by George Clooney. The series is produced by Leonard and Danny DeVito, who produced and appeared in another Leonard adaptation, Get Shorty which had a powerhouse cast including John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Renee Russo, DelRoy Lindoo and Dennis Farina in addition to DeVito. DeVito himself has appeared (along with wife Rhea Pearlman) in one episode of Karen Sisco so far.

Sisco airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM on ABC, with a rerun the following Tuesday at midnight on USA Network - so Cole fans should have two chances to catch him.

Haven't seen the show myself, by may have to check it out next week. (Baseball and Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World on PBS are apt to have all of my divided attention tonight.)


Re: Capt. Gideon on \"Karen Sisco\"

I PM'd Demon immediately, but forgot to post it so the rest could see. :eek:
Re: Capt. Gideon on \"Karen Sisco\"

And very kind you were to let me know :) I knew Gary had appeared briefly in the opening episode of the new series, but wasn't sure when he was appearing again.

Between West Wing and this, Gary is a busy boy right now! :D

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