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can anyone reccomend a good...

Aren't they all illegal by definition? :D
Forget cable, start stealing sattelite, I've stolen cable before, and it sucked. Ever since I got my hands on a dish and some private scripts for DirectTV, I've been a happy man. Oh, and by the way, stealing sattelite from DTV is perfectly legal in Canada, just as long as you don't steal from Bell :D The only way I can get busted is if I start selling my scripts to others (which I'm not dumb enough to try doing)
So lesson is, move to Canada, and rob DTV to your heart's delight ;)
You want to make this thread 100x more fun. Just make up endings for that sentance:

can anyone recommend a good...

...Asian "Happy Ending" massage parlor.
Just make sure They don't catch you with American satellite equipment -- mere posession of that is a crime in Canada.

That's right, kids, pot is eh-oh-kay, but American satellite posession will fry your ass :rolleyes:
Distributing and purchasing is :p Ownership isn't prohibited. If they ask me how I got it, I'll say I found it in a box on the street and didn't know what it was originally :D
Think again:
Use, possession and/or distribution of unlawful telecommunications devices or services are also offences under sections 326 and 327 of the Criminal Code. These crimes are punishable by forfeiture of any illegal satellite equipment and/or up to two years’ imprisonment.

Source: RCMP article
Ye olde wrist slappage ;) The rules and laws are still sketchy, that's why they say things like "may be breaking the law" etc, etc.

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