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Calling of the Heart Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Same as before.

Chapter 6 The Scouting Mission

Latiya climbed into her fighter, excitement coursing through her. She had not yet gone through flying training yet, but Sect Turvall thought she would do well.

“At my mark, launch your fighter.” Sect Turvall instructed.

They waited patiently for a few seconds.


All the other fighters zoomed passed Latiya as she pressed a button to make the fighter move forward. But, the fighter did not move.

“Latiya, what’s wrong?” Sect Turvall’s voice came through the channel.

“My fighter won’t start!” she cried, sounding panicked.

“Did you press the right button?”

“I-I think so.”

Sect Turvall sighed. “Come to the Command Deck. We will discuss your grade when you arrive.”

“Talk about your tough luck.” Chantal said.

“Please stop interrupting me. It gets annoying after awhile.”

“Sorry.” Chantal said.

Latiya felt her spirits falling as she made her way to the Command Deck. When she arrived, Sect Turvall was smiling.

“I suppose it would have been better if you did have some training. I can’t give you a passing, failing, or neutral grade. Your grade will be not applicable. We’ll start your training after the next break.”

“Thank you.” Latiya said.

Turvall turned away and paid attention to the exercise. Latiya felt a little jealous, because she wanted to be out in space.

“Tannia, you lead the group with five scanned ships. Chantal and Edward are tied with two and Furrell has one.”

“How many ships are out there?” Latiya asked.

“Fifteen.” Turvall replied.

Latiya smiled. Good, she thought. There is still a chance for Chantal and Furrell to win.

Soon, the training mission was over. The students arrived on the Command Deck for the results.

“You all did very well. Tannia scanned six ships. Chantal and Furrell both scanned three. Edward scanned five; therefore, Tannia will be assigned to White Star 6. Congratulations, Tannia.”

“Thank you, Master.” Tannia said as she bowed to him.

“You are all dismissed.”

They all bowed and left the Command Deck. Latiya felt no sense of loss. Tannia, Latiya felt, was a hindrance to the team.

“Ha! I told you all that I would win and I did! And, now I’m leaving!”

“Good.” Latiya muttered.

“What was that, Sheridan?”

Latiya looked up. “What Sheridan?”

“You’re the only Sheridan here, so I’m talking to you.”

“Okay, fair enough. I’m a Sheridan. So, what do you want?” Latiya asked, sounding deathly calm.

“I want to know what you said.” Tannia said coldly, coming right in front of Latiya.

“Okay. I’m glad you’re going. I am so sick of you! You, who thinks you are so important because your father helped build the original White Star fleet!”

Tannia scoffed. “You’re just jealous.”

Latiya grew extremely angry. “Did your father put his life on the line to save others? Did he support the Rangers? Did he die for his people and others?”

Tannia looked taken back. “Of course not! He-“

“I have proven my point.” Latiya said, turning her back on Tannia.

“My father is too important for a job like that. Besides, I bet all your parents did was clean floors on the White Star.”

Latiya whipped out her denn’bok and extended it. She spun around and hit Tannia on the side of the head with the end of her weapon. Tannia stumbled to the side. She took out her denn’bok and extended it. Everyone went up against the wall to watch.

“I invoke denn’sha.” Tannia said.

“You fool. I will not accept, for I have no desire to kill. I only wish…to teach.”

Tannia went to hit Latiya’s head, but Latiya blocked it and hit Tannia on the fingers. Tannia spun around and tried to hit Latiya’s arm, but Latiya ducked and put an end of her weapon behind Tannia’s knees. With one quick motion, Tannia’s legs went flying up in the air and she fell on her back. Latiya stood up straight and put an end of her weapon to Tannia’s neck. Chantal began to cheer and Furrell stared at Latiya with wide eyes.


Latiya withdrew her weapon and closed it. Chantal stopped cheering and looked down at the floor. Latiya turned, knowing who it was.

“What are you doing?” Turvall asked sternly.

“She attacked me for no reason, master.” Tannia said quickly.

“That’s not true!” Chantal yelled.

“Who asked you?” Edward asked spitefully.

“That is quite enough!”

There was silence.

“I am very disappointed in you, Latiya. I expected better from you.”

“She was insulting my family.” Latiya said.

“The Sheridans?” Turvall asked.

“My birth parents.”

“Tannia, I did expect better from you as well.” Turvall chided.

“She started it.” Tannia said as she pouted.

“Latiya, I will be suspending you for a few months. And as for Tannia, she will be assigned to a different White Star for whatever work they deem worthy for her.”

“Yes, Master.” Tannia said after staring in disbelief at him.

“Yes, Sect Turvall.” Latiya said, bowing.

Sect Turvall nodded and left. Latiya began to walk away.

“Thanks a lot, Latiya! Now look what you did!” Tannia said angrily.

Latiya turned around. “Can it you nit!”

Chantal laughed. “That was funny! Look, I have to go. I’ll be back tomorrow to hear the rest of the story.”

“Okay. Thank you, Chantal.”

Chantal got up and left.

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. August 25, 2001.


"There is always hope. It is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill yet." Galen.

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Good stuff, nice to see her kick some ass. But let me put in an important point, Denn'sha was outlawed by Valen, right along with porn

You don't beleive me, ask Lennier.

Oooh, oooh, chick fight!!! Cool
! This was an exciting chapter Zha. I hope you plan to give us more excitement. Not necassarily another girl fight, but anything to make me say "wow" would be good.

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Very cool fight!!!!!

(hey what ever happened to the fanfic you started last spring or summer.....did Sheridan yack his brains out & die or what?)

"...abso-FRAGGIN-lutely, damn it! I have been studying your use of lauguage since our last discussion. Do you approve?"
*Pauses to think* Oh, that one!

Well, he gets better.

I'm sorry about that, but I forgot about that one! And, it seems I have misplaced the other half of that story...

(Oh, I hope my brothers and sister didn't throw it out! I will have to strangle them if they did...)

Anyway, continue enjoying this one. Hopefully, I will be able to post the next chapter today.

Also, I am thinking about turning this into the beginning of an epic tale involving my character and several others. And, I am going to talk to my dad to see if he'll let me create my own website. I'll tell you how things go.


"There is always hope. It is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill yet." Galen.

"It's a shame our reality is devestating." Eve What's Going On?

"Oh, but who are they to judge us? Together we can all be strong." Alicia Keys, What's Going On?

"Oh, brother, brother, brother. There's far too many of you dying." Gwen Stefani, What's Going On?
I'm going to make a website where I can put my Crusade fanfic.

It will be the beginning of an epic tale--the TNT WAR.

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