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Calling of the Heart Chapter 30

Disclaimer: Same as usual.

This is it! The last chapter.

Chapter 30 Approaching Danger

Latiya’s return to Babylon 5 was delayed once again by a problem at Babylon 5. Latiya felt that Delenn was being just a little overprotective, but she understood why. So, Latiya continued training. Latiya was finally able to convince Delenn to let her go and she would be leaving in two days time.

One day, she was sitting in Delenn’s office meditating and reflecting.

"Shadow friends? I didn’t think there were any."

"I know. That’s what makes it amazing. Look, I have to go. We’re having a little problem with one of our telepaths."

"Nothing serious, I hope?"

"No. We’ll have it sorted out soon enough. When is Latiya coming?"

"She is leaving this afternoon. She should be there in a few days time."

"Good, good. I’ll see you soon, all right? I love you, Delenn."

"I love you too, John."

Delenn turned away from the computer and settled her eyes on Latiya. "I see you are still reflecting. It is a good thing you are not married to a Human." Delenn said, smiling.

Latiya opened her right eye. "And, why is that?"

"Because he would want to have a birthday party for you. John did that to me one year. It was…interesting to say the least."

Latiya closed her eye again and took a deep breath. She smiled. "Chantal is most upset with me."

"Why is that?" Delenn asked.

"She was going to hold a surprise party for me, but I asked her not to. I told her that a birthday is supposed to be a day of reflection."

"I do not think Human understand that. Everything must be a party for them." Delenn said.

"Yes, I think you’re right."

There was silence. Latiya opened her eyes and looked at Delenn. She realized they had been complaining about Humans and their respect towards Minbari beliefs. They began to laugh.

All of a sudden, the building began to shake and the scream of Shadow ships sounded outside. Latiya jumped out of her chair and got onto the floor beside David. David crawled over to Delenn and Latiya followed him to make sure he was all right.

As soon as it all began, it ceased. There was an eerie silence in which Latiya and Delenn looked around. David lay by his mother, trying to cuddle close. Delenn slowly stood up with David in her arms and Latiya also slowly stood up.

They looked around and Latiya looked out the window. Nothing was there. She turned back to Delenn.

"In Valen’s name! They have returned!"

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. November 18, 2001.

EntilZhaDelenn, Future portrayer of Ambassador Delenn

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Very nice story Zha, and thanks for leaving us on the cliff!

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RW: Yes, my salad bars.
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