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Calling of the Heart Chapter 29

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Only one more chapter to go after this one!

Chapter 29 Re-Joining the Anla’shok

The ISA Compound seemed to be filled with a flurry of activity Not only were the Rangers getting ready to get information, but more and more reports were coming in about spider-like ships. The alliance was on high alert.

Latiya, since she was not engaged in training exercises, was left in charge of watching David and keeping him occupied. Keeping him occupied was not hard at all. She spent all her time with him telling him stories. He would sit on her lap and listen with rapt attention.

Not all the stories were history stories. She recited stories from her reader that she used to practice reading English. Some of the stories were simple fairy tales that had survived for thousands of years. Others were more complex and Latiya made them easier for him to understand. She also omitted things that she thought were inappropriate for him.

David had never seemed to notice. He was so entranced by the tales that he sat in awe, letting his imagination go free. It was an enjoyable time for them both.

One day, Latiya was in the living room, telling David a story about a pirate queen when Delenn entered the living room. Latiya stopped in the middle of a word and looked up. Her smile disappeared when she saw Delenn’s face.

"What is it, Delenn?"

Delenn turned to David. "Why don’t you go and play with your toys for a little while? Latiya and I need to talk."

"Kay." David said as he jumped up and ran out.

Latiya began to stand up, but Delenn gestured for her to stay seated. Latiya nodded and Delenn sat next to her. There was a short silence before Delenn began speaking.

"As you know, we’ve been getting reports of Shadow ships. We have reason to believe that they have returned."

Latiya felt a shiver go up her spine. "They shouldn’t be."

"I know, but it’s true," Delenn paused. "I did not want to do this at first, but I believe it will be a learning experience and you will be able to do what you do best."

"What?" Latiya asked curiously.

"I want you to rejoin the Anla’shok tomorrow. Then, I want you to go to Babylon 5 right away. Your mission is to help protect John and Babylon 5."

"But-" Latiya cut herself off because she did not want Delenn to know that she had eavesdropped.

"But, what?" Delenn asked.

"What about David and the others?"

"You will see them again." Delenn smiled.

* * * * *

Chantal screamed with delight when Latiya entered the Ranger Training Center wearing her uniform. Latiya walked over to Chantal, trying hard not to lose her composure. Chantal gave Latiya a hug and she was absolutely beaming.

"We have new people on our team. Come and meet them." Chantal said as she led Latiya down a corridor.

They walked to the first door on the right. The door opened to reveal three Humans. They stepped in and Latiya looked at them all.

"Hey everybody. I want you to meet Latiya Sheridan. Latiya, these are our new team members."

"Hello." Latiya said shyly.

"Oh, don’t be shy! Get to know everybody! This is Jaymus." Chantal said, pointing to a man with auburn hair and blue eyes.

"And, this is Robert Wallace." Chantal said as she guided Latiya to a man with blonde hair and blue-grey eyes.

"And, this is Toya."

"It’s nice to meet you all." Latiya said.

"Where have you been? I mean, they said we were going to have another team member a few moths ago." Toya said.

Latiya looked at her in confusion. "A few months ago?"

"Yeah. They said that she’s been rather busy with some sort of crisis on her planet. So, where were you?" Toya explained.

Latiya smiled. "For the past few months, I have been everywhere."

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. November 15, 2001.

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