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Calling of the Heart Chapter 28

Disclaimer: Same as usual.

Chapter 28 Left Behind

A few weeks passed and life was almost back to normal. Latiya could return to the Anla’shok in about a week. So, she spent her free time wandering around the compound or telling stories to David.

One day, she was walking by Delenn’s office when she heard heated voices within. She stopped outside the door, curiously wondering what was going on.

"You know how numerous those reports are getting! I need to be somewhere that is not so isolated! I need to go to Babylon 5!"

"John. No! I don’t want to lose you! You…you don’t have to go. Blaine can take care of it." Delenn said with exasperation.

There was a moment of silence. Latiya decided to move on when she heard something else.

"You won’t lose me, Delenn. I’ll take some Rangers with me."

"But, not Latiya. Not now." Delenn said.

"Why not?" John asked. "I know that she is our daughter now, but…isn’t that what a Ranger is supposed to do?"

"Yes, but she is not fully healed and she is not really a Ranger until next week. I don’t want her to go until she has had a little more training."

Latiya walked away quietly and walked to her room to mull things over. For the past few weeks, more and more reports were made of spider-like ships appearing in hyperspace. Latiya knew as well as everyone else that the Army of Light had defeated them in the last war with the Shadows.

Everyone also knew that they passed beyond the Rim. To have them return…sounded ludicrous. But, she knew better than to doubt things. She closed her eyes to try to think about something else, but instead, an image began to appear.

A dark room with several people in dark uniforms hovered above her. They wore a badge of shiny metal with some sort of insignia on it. As the menacing faces came closer to her, a scream of a Shadow ship sounded in her mind.

Latiya’s eyes snapped open and she found that she had covered her ears to block out the scream. It had been several moths since her last vision, but this one was most disturbing than other ones she had before. Suddenly, another vision came to her.

A brightly-lit room held several maps of the galaxy. Delenn, John, and a woman with brown hair and dark eyes sat a table. Latiya stood before them, her denn’bok was extended. The woman stood up. There was a noise behind Latiya and she turned around to hit whatever it was.

"No!" Delenn screamed.

Mein stopped Latiya. There was some sort of struggle, and then Latiya turned back to her normal self. A wave of sadness hit her as the scene changed.

The dark vastness of space was before her. Spider-like ships were before her. She began to feel the evil invade her mind, making her whole body quiver. The sense of darkness suddenly became overwhelming and Latiya pulled away, screaming.

* * * * *

Latiya lay on her bed, quivering with fear and tears were in her eyes. She kept her eyes open, hoping that she would not see anymore visions. The soft, Irish music played in the background: a diversion that was not working well.

Her door opened and she moved her eyes up to see who it was. It was Delenn…a very tearful Delenn.

"You heard too, didn’t you?" Delenn asked, not sounding accusatory.

"What?" Latiya asked as she sat up.

Delenn sat next to her. "John left for Babylon 5. He has gone to help fight just in case the Shadows have returned."

"But, they are not supposed to." Latiya said quietly.

Delenn did not reply. She looked over at Latiya and smiled weakly. "What is upsetting you?"

Latiya turned her gaze downward. "N-nothing. Well, I mean, something, but…I don’t want to talk about it."

"You can tell me anything." Delenn said.

Latiya let out a shaky breath. "I don’t want to talk about it."

"All right. But, if you do, you know where to find me."

Latiya nodded as Delenn got up and left her room. Latiya sighed and was about to close her eyes, when she caught herself. I don’t want another vision, she thought. The music was still on and Latiya stopped to listen briefly.

He’s gone away

For to stay a little while

But he’s comin’ back

If he goes ten thousand miles

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. November 13, 2001.

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Boy, oh boy! *FC pants & begs like puppy for more......

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Hmmmm........very interesting!

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Shadows coming back... it's getting more and more interesting. Guesses... so many guesses, yet none certain enough to tell.

Thank you, Zha.

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