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Calling of the Heart Chapter 25

Disclaimer: Same as usual.

Chapter 25 Finding David

Latiya raced out of the room and went down the corridor the way Nerrel went. She hoped that David was still safe and that no one had killed him. She rounded a corner and spotted Nerrel. He looked up and saw her.

"One of them went into a room behind this wall, but the door is welded shut. There has to be some other way to get in." Nerrel explained.

Latiya looked around. She pounded the wall to see if there was some way break through. She looked at the floor with frustration when she noticed something on the wall near the floor.

"Aha!" she cried, getting on her knees and pulling the grate off.

"What is it?" Nerrel asked in disdain.

"I don’t know, but I bet it leads to the room where David is." Latiya said with a grin.

"Let me go first and I will tell you if it is the right way." Nerrel said.

"Latiya nodded. "But, hurry…please."

Nerrel disappeared into the crawlspace. Latiya stood guard. A few minutes later, Nerrel’s feet appeared. Latiya looked in surprise as Nerrel slowly removed himself from the crawlspace.

"What’s wrong?" Latiya asked with concern.

"He’s there all right, but I cannot reach him. The crawlspace narrows, and I cannot get through."

"I’ll go." Latiya said.

"Not alone, Latiya. I do not want you to go alone." Nerrel said firmly.

"I have to, Nerrel. I have to save David." Latiya replied as she stuck her head into the crawlspace.


Latiya pulled her head out of the crawlspace and looked at Nerrel. He began to blush.

"Latiya, I…I…be careful."

Latiya smiled as she climbed into the crawlspace. She slowly crawled down the metal crawlspace. She turned left and then right. She continued straight for a few minutes. She found herself at a fork. She looked left and then right,

"He said the crawlspace narrows," she muttered to herself.

She looked to the right. There, the crawlspace narrowed. She prayed that she could fit through as she crawled towards it. She got down on her stomach and extended her arms in front of her. Very slowly, she inched her way down the crawlspace.

She soon heard voiced echoing into the crawlspace. She stopped crawling for a few seconds to listen to the voices.

"They won’t mess around. They will give us anything we want to protect their son," a man said in a voice that was barely audible.

Latiya pushed herself forward and she came to a grate. She peered through it to see two Minbari guarding over a small figure bound and gagged in a chair that Latiya recognized as David.

She waited a few more minutes to form a plan. During this time, the Minbari guards had moved out of her line of sight. She sighed quietly and pushed on the grate. As the grate fell towards the ground, Latiya pushed herself out of the crawlspace and landed, crouching on the floor.

Latiya took out her denn’bok as she slowly stood straight up. The Minbari turned to face her. They took out their denn’boks. At the same time, all three of the fighters extended their weapons.

"What are you doing here?" one guard asked.

"I am here to kick your butts." Latiya said coldly.

One of the Minbari grinned menacingly, which made Latiya shiver a bit. Both of them advanced towards her, and she got ready for a fight. One of them went to hit her, but she blocked the move.

She spun around and Latiya hit him in the side. He doubled over and stepped to the side. The second Minbari hit Latiya in the back, sending her to the floor. Latiya cringed in pain as she turned in time for the second Minbari to hit her in the mouth. She bit her tongue and felt blood beginning to pool in her mouth. She spit it out and whipped his legs out from under him. He fell back into his back as she got up.

She stood above him and hit him in the chest. He screamed out in pain as she hit him in the head, rendering him unconsious. She smiled triumphantly as she turned. Suddenly, she felt excruciating pain in her abdomen. She put one of her hands over her stomach and her mouth was open in a soundless scream.

The Minbari held a PPG pointed at her and he was the one wearing the triumphant smile. Latiya slowly walked over to him and aimed for his head. He moved and she ended up hitting him in the back. She heard a crack and he fell to the floor. Latiya closed her denn’bok and put it away before collapsing to her knees. She slowly crawled over to David and began to unite him. As soon as his hands were untied, he helped her with untying his legs.

Finally, David was free and Latiya slowly got to her feet.

"David…is th-there…another…w-way to…g-g-get…out?"

"Follow me, Laya." David said, grasping her hand and leading her to a door.

David led Latiya to where Nerrel was waiting. Nerrel looked up and jumped up on his feet. He ran to her side and supported her so she could walk.

"Latiya, what happened?"

Breathlessly, Latiya began to tell him about the fight. Nerrel listened with rapt attention and helped her to where everyone else was. They entered the room to see Delenn, John, Ivanova, and Garibaldi alone in the room.

"Momma!" David cried.

"David!" Delenn shouted as she ran to David and embraced him.

Latiya began to feel faint. Her breathing and heartbeat were slow. Delenn let go of David and let John hug him. Delenn walked over to Latiya, smiling.

"Thank you."

Latiya felt herself slipping from Nerrel’s grip and the last thing she saw was Delenn’s horror stricken face.

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. November 1, 2001.

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