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Calling of the Heart Chapter 19

Disclaimer: Same as chapter 1.

Chapter 19 The Fight

"Latiya, wake up. We are home."

Latiya slowly opened her eyes and stretched. She got up and followed Nerrel off of the ship. They walked through customs without a problem.

"Where should we go?" Latiya asked.

"We will go to my home. Come on, we will take the transport." Furrell said.

They climbed into the transport and rode to the ISA Compound. When they arrived, they ran to Furrell’s home. They entered the house and shut the door. Latiya sighed and sat down. As soon as she sat down, the doorbell sounded.

"Yes?" Furrell called.

"It is Sect Turvall."

"Come." Furrell said.

The door opened and Sect Turvall came into the house. "I got back the results from the analysts. It came from somebody in the Anla’shok. Because we have already cleared Latiya of all charges, and the fact that she is no longer one of the Anla’shok, it is someone else.

"Who?" Latiya asked.

"You have no right to know such information." Sect Turvall said angrily.

Latiya stood up. "They are my parents! What kind of daughter would I be if I did not help find them? That is a poor way to repay them for their kindness and understanding! I don’t care if I am no longer Anla’shok! All I care about is fighting to find them!"

Sect Turvall eyed her as he handed the data crystal to Furrell. "Find them, and leave her out of it."

"Yes, Sect Turvall." Furrell said as he bowed and took the data crystal.

Sect Turvall turned with a regal flair and left the house. Latiya stood there, clenching and unclenching her fists. She turned, grabbed a pillow, and threw it to the floor. She sat on the floor, crying and weakly pounding the floor with her fists.

Nerrel sat next to Latiya. He put his arms around her and tried to console her. Furrell stood in the hallway, watching in contempt.

"Nerrel, please come here." Furrell said as calmly as possible.

Nerrel looked up and got up. He walked over to Furrell and followed him to a room. They walked into the room calmly and quietly. Furrell turned to face his older brother. He lunged at his brother and slammed him into the wall.

"Stay away from her. Don’t you dare try to take her away from me."

"Furrell, I would never take her away from you. I know she is your girlfriend. I have never-"

Furrell put him down and walked away. "You don’t understand! All my life, I have been shoved away. You were father’s favorite! He gave you everything! And if you wanted something that I had, father always gave it to you."

"I know she is yours…Furrell, you do not understand how easy you had it! Father was ####### me. I was the oldest and he expected more from me!" Nerrel said.

"Yes, but you don’t know how it feels to be pushed aside and to not feel loved!"

"Oh, yes I do! How do you think it makes me feel that you do not care for me and you always push me away? Latiya is the only one who makes me feel wanted."

"She is not your girlfriend! Stay away-"

"Furrell! I love her!"

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. October 26, 2001.

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