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Calling of the Heart Chapter 17

Yes! It's finally up! I went to a dance competition so that's why I'm so late. Sorry!

Disclaimer: Same as chapter 1.

Chapter 17 The Tickle War

Latiya inhaled deeply, waking her mind and her body. She moved slightly and heard Furrell stir. She opened her eyes and slowly got up so that she would not wake Furrell.

She stood up and walked out on the deck. The dawn air was a little chilly. The sky was filled with magenta clouds and the sky was purple with streaks of magenta. Latiya looked down at the ocean. It was pitch black with foam coming from the propeller.

"Why are you up so early?"

Latiya turned to see Maura dressed and a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Latiya shrugged and turned to face the water again.

"It is later on Minbar." Latiya finally replied.

"Aren’t you cold?" Maura asked.

"No. I’m fine, thank you."

Maura walked up beside Latiya. Latiya noticed that she restrained from touching her. Latiya did not mind. She would rather have the woman talking than touching.

"You seem depressed."

"I am." Latiya said.

"Why?" Maura asked, not sounding scornful.

"Latiya did not answer.

"The war has been over for eighteen years. You can talk to-"

"It’s not that. I know the war is over and I hold no grudges. My closest companions happen to be Humans. I chose not to spill my feelings on you because I do not know you well enough." Latiya said angrily.

Maura stepped back, looking slightly hurt.

Latiya softened her expression and sighed softly. "I’m sorry, really I am. I have to find them."

"Who are they?"

"My parents. Delenn and John Sheridan."

Maura gasped. "Why didn’t you tell me sooner?"

"You wouldn’t let me." Latiya replied.

"We’re close to land anyway. There is a port there. We’ll get you on a flight."

"Thank you, Maura! Thank you so much!" Latiya cried as she ran into the room where Nerrel and Furrell slept.

She stepped carefully over Furrell when she suddenly felt hands grasp her ankle. She gasped as she hit the floor and yelped with pain. She felt soft touches on her foot and she began to laugh uncontrollably. She turned to see Furrell tickling her.

"Furrell! Furrell…stop!" she cried in between laughs.

Furrell stopped for a few seconds to let Latiya get some air. Latiya sat up, yanked her foot from his grip, and dove at him. She grabbed his foot and began tickling. He looked at her, a playful smirk on his face.

"I’m not ticklish."

"Oh, yeah?" Latiya said as she began tickling his sides.

Furrell tensed up and tried to wiggle away from her. He laughed and so did Latiya. It was then when Latiya felt a pillow hit her head. She turned and then Furrell grabbed her sides to tickle her. She let out a short, playful scream and tried to pull away.

Nerrel crawled towards her, grabbed her right foot, and began tickling her. Latiya began laughing harder, making her face turn red.

"Stop…I have to…have to…breathe!"

They stopped tickling. Latiya giggled a few more times and then took a few deep breaths. She got up on her feet and sprang at Nerrel. She knocked him to the floor and began tickling him.

"Take that, Nerrel! How do you like being tickled?" she said in a mock voice of toughness.

"I wouldn’t do that." Nerrel said, grinning.

Suddenly, she was being pulled away from Nerrel. She looked behind her and saw Furrell pulling her. He pulled her right into his lap and kissed her on the lips.

"Well, it certainly is nice to see you all up and getting along." Maura said.

They pulled away quickly, blushing a very deep shade of red. Maura smiled.

"We’ll be making landfall in two hours. You might want to pack up," she said as she left.

"It’s good to see you smiling again." Furrell said after a short silence.

"What? Did you two plan this?"

"You looked so down. We decided that you needed some fun." Furrell confessed.

"And, I did have fun. Thank you." Latiya said as she gave Furrell a quick kiss on the lips.

She got up and went to Nerrel. "Thank you," she said as she kissed Nerrel on the cheek.

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. October 22, 2001.

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