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Calling of the Heart Chapter 16

Disclaimer: Same as chapter 1.

Chapter 16 Planet Earth

Latiya woke up and moaned. Her whole body ached and her vision was a little blurry. After blinking a few times, her vision cleared and she found herself in a strange room. A woman was dabbing at a wound on Latiya’s head with a damp cloth. The woman was rather tall with stringy red hair and blue eyes.

Latiya sat up and looked around. "Where am I?"

"Oh, good. At least you speak English. Now, lay down and let me take care of your wounds. Quite an accident you had," she said, pushing Latiya back in a lying position.

"It is bad luck to keep me in this position. Where is Furrell and Nerrel?"

"Your Minbari friends are fine. They just got little scratches. You’re lucky we were where we were. You all could’ve drowned."

"Latiya! Are you all right?" Furrell asked, walking to her and grasping her hand.

"I guess. My head is pounding."

"Well, I would imagine so," the woman said.

"We crashed into water. Furrell and I were able to escape our fighters, but you were unconsious when we got you out." Nerrel explained.

"Thank you for saving me." Latiya said quietly.

"We’ll keep you here for awhile until you heal," the woman said.

"Their line of work requires them to travel around their world." Furrell said in a tone of fascination.

"Yes. That’s why we live on this rather large boat," the woman replied.

Latiya slowly began to sit up. Furrell and Nerrel started shouting and extending their arms out at once. Latiya sat up straight and smiled.

"I’m fine. Besides, you know how bad it is to be like that."

"I know, but you’re hurt."

"I’m not that hurt. I’m just suffering from bumps, bruises, scratches, and a headache."

"Good, she’s up. You were always good at nursing."

Latiya looked up to see a Human with red hair streaked with grey and green eyes. He was a little heavy.

"Jack, this is Nerrel, Furrell, and Latiya. They are going to be our guests."

"Yes, until the authorities find out, Maura." Jack said.

"They won’t, now will they?"

"You see, we really are not supposed to be here. Someone hijacked our ships and changed our destination. We have to leave." Latiya said desperately.

"Not until you’re properly heal." Maura said sternly.

"You don’t understand! We are Anla’shok-Rangers- and we are on a mission! We have to find-"

"Now, now. You must’ve really bumped your head. Just sit with your friends and I’ll fix you something to eat. Are you hungry?"

The three were silent and Maura shrugged as she prepared food.

"Latiya, have you ever eaten Human food?" Nerrel asked nervously.

"With a Human guardian all my life, sure I did. It’s not bad. It’s very…interesting."

Maura set before them three plates with chunks of light colored meat on it. Latiya smiled up at Maura.

"What is it?" Nerrel asked.

"It’s chicken. It tastes like Flarn." Latiya explained.

Furrell picked up a fork, stabbed the meat, lifted it up to his mouth, and put the meat into his mouth. He began to chew and he nodded with approval as he chewed.

"How is it?" Maura asked.

"It is really good. Thank you." Latiya said.

"You may call me Maura."

"It’s wonderful, Maura." Nerrel agreed after taking a bite.

"Thank you. Now, you eat and make yourselves comfortable." Maura said as she got up and left.

After Maura was out of sight, Latiya slumped in her chair and prodded her food. Furrell and Nerrel looked at her in confusion. Furrell lightly touched her on the shoulder. In an instant, Latiya burst into tears and leaned against Furrell’s shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"What is wrong with her?" Nerrel asked.

"I don’t know," he turned to Latiya. "What is wrong, Latiya?"

Latiya did not answer.

* * * * *

Night fell on the boat and Maura had fixed them all somewhere to sleep. The light from the full moon softly lit up the features on Latiya’s face. The ocean gently lapped against the boat. Tears glittered in her eyes, making her look innocent.

Her expression reflected the thoughts in her mind. She felt infinite sadness and she felt there was no end to it. Of course, Latiya knew the end of her sadness would come, but not until more pain was caused. A gentle hand squeezed her shoulder and in response, she turned to face Furrell.

"Are you sure you are okay? You were rather quiet today."

"It’s all my fault. I am the cause of this. And now, they are surely dead.

"Are you talking about the Sheridans?"


"Please tell me what happened the night you were arrested." Furrell requested.

Latiya took a shaky breath and began to tale. She told him of the sound in the hall, the three perpetrators who abducted the Sheridans, and how she was wrongfully accused. When she finished, the tears were freely rolling down her cheeks and falling onto Furrell’s hand. He lifted his hand up and wiped them away.

"There were too many for you to fight off alone. You could not do anything to change that." Furrell said soothingly.

"Now, they are dead. H-How can I live, knowing that I played a part in it?"

"Sh. You had no control over what has happened; you can change what may happen."

Latiya closed her eyes and shook her head. When she opened her eyes she found Furrell’s face near hers. She put both of her hands on the sides of his head and drew it closer. Their lips touched and they kissed.

Furrell drew away slowly and looked at her briefly before she cuddled in his arms and fell asleep.

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. October 22, 2001.

EntilZhaDelenn, Future portrayer of Ambassador Delenn

"There is always hope. It is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill... yet." Galen.

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Chicken tastes like flarn thankyou...for the laugh and 16th installment

"...abso-FRAGGIN-lutely, damn it! I have been studying your use of lauguage since our last discussion. Do you approve?"
Thank you for the story!

As to flarn -- everything tastes like flarn! Or to be more exact, with proper spices one can make flarn taste like anything.

"We are the universe, trying to figure itself out.
Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
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Zha, I love it!
I too laughed at the chicken tasting like flarn thing. That was funny.
I can't wait to find out what happens next!

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RW: The salad man.
Lorien: Why are you here?
RW: To be the salad ambassador.
Lorien: What do you want?
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RW: Yes, my salad bars.
Wow! I had a line in there that everyone thought was funny and I never meant it to be funny! Wow! That's a first!

EntilZhaDelenn, Future portrayer of Ambassador Delenn

"There is always hope. It is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill... yet." Galen.

"Untied we stand, divided we fall." P. Diddy What's Going On?

I live for the Pepsi, I die for the Pepsi.
That may be so, but often humor at it's best is not played "for the laugh!"

"...abso-FRAGGIN-lutely, damn it! I have been studying your use of lauguage since our last discussion. Do you approve?"

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