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Calling of the Heart Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I only own Latiya, Chantal, and Edward. Nerrel and Mein Tarren belong to "Rogue". The other characters belong to JMS.

Spoilers: Um...not really. Just a little bit in this chapter.

Chapter 1 Untold Past

"Do you understand why this is happening?" a male voice broke through the dark stillness of the room.

"No," a young woman’s voice replied.

"You are cursed, young one. Things will happen to you…bad things."

"What can I do?" the woman’s voice asked in fear.

"Nothing. Nothing can be done about your…gift."

The woman sobbed as the man left the dark room. As he opened the door, a small beam of light reached the woman, illuminating her features. The woman was a Minbari about sixteen years of age. Her emerald green eyes were filled with tears and defeat.

She brought her knees up to her chin and rested her chin on her knees. She began to think about what had just happened to her.

"He’s right. My visions are a curse. I will never earn their respect or trust again." she said as the door closed.

* * * * *

The door opened and a woman appeared. This woman had chestnut brown hair and soft brown eyes. She was a Human Ranger who was here to question the Minbari. The Human sat on the floor next to the Minbari.

"Go away, Chantal. What hope do I have that I will leave this place? Everyone knows that I am guilty."

"Latiya, I am here to hear the whole truth."

"You have already heard it." Latiya said simply.

"I have only heard what Edward believes. Now, please tell me." Chantal said.

The Minbari named Latiya sighed and took a deep breath. "Where should I start?"

"How did you meet the Entil’zha and President Sheridan?"

"Well, when the old year was reborn into the new year, I was living with my guardian, Joshua Thomason. One crisp morning, he took me to the Interstellar Alliance Compound. He told me that he had to go to a meeting…"

"Joshua, Latiya. Welcome." Delenn said, smiling and bowing to both of them.

"Entil’zha." Joshua and Latiya said in unison.

"Latiya, I was wondering if you could watch David for us." Delenn said.

"I would be honored, Entil’zha." Latiya said as she walked away towards David’s playroom.

The door to the room opened with a hissing sound and Latiya walked in. The three-year old David Sheridan walked towards her with a toy triangle in his hand.

"Laya! Laya!" David cried happily.

"Hello, David." Latiya replied, smiling and picking up the child.

He held out his toy triangle for her to see. She looked at it and then showed David a childish smile as she set him down.

"It’s a very nice Triluminary, David."

"Laya, what’s a Trilumary?" David asked.

"A Triluminary is a triangle kind of like yours. It is very sacred and it was a gift from Valen. Do you know who Valen is?"

"No." David said, smiling.

"Yes you do! Didn’t your mother tell you?"

"No." David said, sitting in her lap.

"Well, Valen was a Minbari not born of Minbari. He came here over a thousand years ago to help our people defeat the Shadows. He also created the Grey Council and stopped our castes from killing each other."

"What are Shadows?"

"The Shadows are an evil race. Their actual name is ten thousand letters long. We could not think of a more suitable name for them except for Shadow."

"Laya, where’s momma and daddy?"

"They are at a meeting. Now, would you like to hear another story?"

"Shadow War!" David cried.

* * * * *

"Then, the ships just left! The Army of Light had won!" Latiya said as she looked up.

Delenn stood in the doorway, a smile on her face. David bounded out of Latiya’s lap and ran to Delenn. He wrapped his arms around one of Delenn’s legs.

"Thank you, Latiya." Delenn said.

Latiya bowed her head slightly. "Where is Joshua?"

"We had to send him on a mission. In the meantime, we will watch over you."

"Thank you, Entil’zha." Latiya said.

"Do not call me Entil’zha. Call me Delenn."

"Yes, Entil…Delenn."

"Momma! Laya was telling me stories about the Trilumary, Valen, and Shadows!" David cried excitedly as he jumped up and down.

Delenn sat on the floor and David hopped into her lap. Delenn wrapped her arms around her son and hugged him tightly. Latiya stood up and gave a half-smile.

"You can sit down, Latiya. We can talk." Delenn invited.

Latiya sat down nervously. She did not know Delenn very well and therefore felt a little uneasy around her.

"Latiya, what caste are you from?"

"Religious Caste." Latiya replied promptly.

"Your mother was Religious, but your father was Warrior. I was wondering what caste you chose as your own. What is your clan?"

"I-I don’t know."

"Why are you so nervous? You don’t have to be. I am not, as the Humans say, mean."

"I am just…I do not know you very well and I am a bit shy."

Delenn rested a hand on Latiya’s hand and Latiya felt a warmness that was indescribable. She looked into Delenn’s sea green eyes and her eyes sparkled brightly.

"It was the start of the most wonderful friendship. But soon after the connection was established, tragedy struck." Latiya told Chantal.

"Latiya, um…you will be staying here from now on. And…you may call me dad or John. Whichever you want."

Latiya stood up, fear making her heart pound and her eyes filled with tears. "What do you mean?"


"What? No! He…can’t be!" she said, dissolving into tears.

She ran to her room and collapsed on her bed. She sobbed loudly and cried herself to sleep.

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. August 22, 2001.


"There is always hope. It is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill yet." Galen.

"It's a shame our reality is devestating." Eve What's Going On?

"Oh, but who are they to judge us? Together we can all be strong." Alicia Keys, What's Going On?

"Oh, brother, brother, brother. There's far too many of you dying." Gwen Stefani, What's Going On?
Really cool Delenn, sounds really good. Can't wait for the rest.

Oh, School and Mundanes Suck.

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I thought it was wonderfully written. Don't leave us hanging for too long now!!

Have a nice day!!!
That is the most beutiful thing I have ever read...

life is too short to dwell on those that piss you off...

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Thank you!

It seems that there is a significant number of puzzled Vorlons awaiting the next chapter...

"We are the universe, trying to figure itself out.
Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
-- Delenn
Wonderful! It has been worth the wait!!!

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