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Byron in Halo 2

Yeah, I spotted his voice. Or heard it... or whatever. :) Realised it was someone I knew but had to check on the IMDb to be sure.
Yeah, in about a week. I was stunned.

I was very disappointed, I think the missed the mark a lot.
I dont think they missed the mark at all. The single player is basically the same as the first, which was to be expected frankly, with somewhat prettier graphics but the same game physics. The cool part they added to single player is the fact you get to play both Covenant and Master Chief, which I liked. They also set things up for Halo 3 pretty well from what I heard.

The BIGGEST enhancement to this game is its XBOX LIVE playability, which totally owns any other XBOX game out there today, and rivals many PC games. Multiplayer is a blast, easy to do, and with online stats, custom clan tags, and other nice additions, the online part of this game by FAR outshines Halo 1.

Of course, if you only bought the game for single player, then yea I guess it could be a letdown, but Bungie was pretty clear with where their focus was for this installment of the Halo story.
I want to know what happens next. And I don't want to have to fork out a fortune for the next XBox to do it. Nor wait for so long.

I think the game's great still, one moment of genious:

My Master Chief jumps off a rock (he jumps high this time! Starship Trooper?) wielding an energy sword from a downed elite. The target of my jump is some alien with a sniper rifle. Alien looks up, sees me. Sees sword. Considers options.

Alien throws rifle away and legs it. He doesn't get far... :devil:

I guess you had to be there... Having finished the campaign, I guess it's time to dust off an ethernet cable and get it online.
Took me a week on normal. Loved it, but agree it was far too short.
Enjoyed playing as the Convenant, I loved the new character. The level design throughout was just top. Play it on heroic as its supposed to be done, i think you will get more out of it.
Not on Xbox live, yet, but i can see that's were a lot of the hard work went. Still my best game of the year.
Fas, i concede I am a sellout, but the Xbox is the one thing MS have done right. It is a cool bit of kit. And you can reformat it to run Linux!
Yeah, by all means, if you like it, enjoy it :) It's just that it seems more like a computer to me, a microsoft computer. And the console elements are kinda weird. a XBOX logo that takes half the control pad? Auch.

I guess i'll buy it if they start making GTA exclusives for it now that the sony-rockstar contract has expired, but I doubt that will happen.
Wow, played through Halo 2 and I didn't even realise that Byron was in it. I guess this just means I'll have to play through it again...oh dear... :rolleyes:
Well, according to Scifi Wire, they may be making a film out of Halo and Halo 2, so perhaps those of you who're Byron fans will get some more acting from him

The Ain't It Cool news Web site reported a rumor that Bungie Software, publishers of the popular Halo video-game series, are in talks with director Ridley Scott and Ronald Shusett to adapt the game and its recently released sequel into a feature film.

[Sindatur runs from room, before being hit with multiple flying objects]
I get concerned about video games being turned into movies. They often feel weak.

Not that I've played either Halo game; I just haven't been able to convince myself to spend money on video games in recent years since I often find myself hit by debilitating blasts of perfectionism that cause me to keep starting over and over and over out of fear of having not played as well as I could have. *sigh*
I've yet to see a video-game to movie translation that works.

Halo 1+2 are cinematic enough, reducing them to movies takes the best (interactive) element out.

Video games and movies are two different medium. Why try and mix them??

Vacantlook, thats me sometimes as well, espcially in strategy games, i.e. Warcraft etc...
To me it fails as a mutliplayer totally.

Halo isn't great on momement, ducking, rolling, firing whatever. It's a very static shoot em up. Which worked well in Halo 1 becuase the story and all-encompassing feeling worked well.

But then to do a multiplayer thing, which is basically just jumping about and shooting, it fails. So many other games can do that, and so many others do it better.

So rahter than focusing on a kick ass single player, they've done neither very well.

And I hated the Covenant thing. I am Master Chief! As soon as they broke that, it ruined the immersion, and your goals conflicted.

I may have to play Halo 1 again.

But I'm either going to sell my Xbox, or mod it and use it as a media PC equivalent.

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