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But in Purple I am Stunning

The Quote book that has been long awaited around here is up for preorder at amazon.com.for 16.95 .Will be released on December 1 at 352 pages long by JMS.
Oh, I *do* hope so! I'm a little puzzled about it showing as published by I Books because JMS wrote in December:

<<>"But in Purple..."?

Slight delay due to a shift in publishers, but I should have some info soon
about when that will be coming out.>>

And Simon & Schuster/I Books is who it was originally supposed to come from. If it's true, I know what I'm getting for Christmas!

Forget the quote stuff (which I was always fairly luke-warm about anyway) - it would be worth £9+shipping (Brit money) just for the SiL script and the chronology. If ever there was a "must-have" spin-off of the B5 universe this looks to be it.

Bring it on!

Thanks for the info! That's a long way off for pre-ordering though. But I'm glad we have a date.

I just hope it's more accurate than the quote book they published from Buffy. I recognized bunches of misquotes in that one. :rolleyes:
Yeah, I read about the multitude of errors in the Buffy quotebook, as well as major guest characters that were just completely left out of the book all-together. It was enough to make me decide not to buy the Buffy quotebook.
Yeah, I'm a real nerd when it comes to quotes from both B5 and Buffy. The Buffy book was a disappointment.

Here's hoping the B5 book is much better. I've already placed my pre-order.
If it turned out as planned, it's a book full of quotes from B5 as voted/input by the fans. Back in 2002 JMS asked for fans to write to a special email address with favorite quotes and what they or the show meant to the fan.

I'm looking forward to it.