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BSG Related (Eddie James Olmos)


And ME! YES! I'm still freaking out. Not my best picture, but who cares? It's Admiral Adama, yo!


My husband and I went to a local event here in Fort Collins to see Edward James Olmos. There were about 600 people there. There wasn't a lot of advertising and we found the small notice in a local newspaper quite by accident.

He talked about growing up in East LA, about gang violence, about cultural differences. He talked quite a bit about Galactica as well, that he felt the show had a lot to say about human nature and our differences.

Someone asked him what Adama did after the end of the series and he said that Adama built that cabin for Laura, then wandered a bit, looking for Lee. Finally found him. Lived the rest of his life wandering the Earth, died old at age 130 (haha.)

My husband just had to do it, had to ask Eddie for a pic throwin' the devil horns.


And just a random pic:


A few things he brought up:

"The first Latino president will be a woman, just watch. Women are powerful. If you don't believe me, just look at Starbuck. That's the best move the producers made--to make Starbuck a woman. Katee embodies strength."

He talked about his love of baseball, about being in a band, about his movie, "Stand and Deliver." Apparently there's another movie out on HBO that he directed called "Walk Out."

He said that he (and other folks from Galactica) were asked to speak at the UN. That clip is here if anyone is interested. He said a lot of the same things at this event.


Very powerful speech he gave in person.

Anyway, I'm just on a huge high. Ahh! time to sleep.

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