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BSG Moving?

My mother has the same problem with her cable. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the cable connection? It might be a bit loose.

But yea, on my cable PBS comes in grainier than the rest of the channels. And I don't get why with digital cable, but whatever.
Lower channels often seem to have problelms, especially on digital cable systems, but it is more often the marginal signal, low powered stations that exhibit the real problems. (We have a Spanish language station that has less power than my microwave but is carried by the cable service under "must carry" rules and which seems pretty much unwatchable.) If you have a digital TV, SD or HD the lower analog channels can look even worse unless you get a test-pattern disc and properly adjust your set. (When I first got my HDTV I was horrified at how my analog channels looked until I calibrated the set.)


The ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates are right here in town and should be coming in clear, but they do not. I thought at first that NBC's unwatchable reception was something to do with my Huappauge tv tuner settings, but when I flipped on the tv on the other cable outlet I realized that is just how the signal comes in for us.

Anyway, I guess it doesn't much matter if nothing I watch is going to be coming on NBC anyway. I would prefer to be able to watch new episodes of L&O Criminal Intent every week but they eventually show up on USA or Bravo anyway.
I see the questions has been answered. But to reiterate my points... BSG has gone from 2.6 to 1.7 in its sesaon premieres. That's rather steep drop off and means that season three starts in a weakened state. As the ratings don't go up with this show, they may go down further.

And as has been said, NBC aired the original series (and they tried airing something at another point, I forget what). Both tanked. And we're not talking "Oh, but they weren't new episodes" ratings they didn't give any signal that they could do well on the network.
The original BSG (24 episodes, 1978 to 1979 season) never ran on NBC. It was on ABC. The ratings were actually very good, but the show was too expensive to keep on the air. (As with every other SF TV show on American TV prior to B5 the producers grossly underestimated their costs and quickly ran over budget.)

Galactica 1980 (10 episodes) was basically a new show with only two original cast members. The action moved to present day Earth to save on production costs. The ratings were deservedly awful and the show was cancelled. By ABC. :)

I think the 2003 mini-series ran as a "special encore presentation" or some such on NBC, replacing either a show that got canned or a live event that was postponed, but they never aired any episodes of any version of the series. The encore was probably as much a promo for the Sci-Fi Channel series as it was anything else.

It makes little sense to compare only the debut episodes for each season. True, the rating for the S2 premier was a 2.6. So what? The next week was a 2.0 and after that the show averaged about a 1.85 for the rest of the year, hitting a low of 1.7.

In other words, the ratings for S3 picked up just about where they'd left off at end of S2. There was no "big drop" from S2 to S3, that had already happened, early in S2. (Probably a lot of new viewers were drawn to the series by the publicity and either didn't like what they saw or they were put off by coming in late to a developing story and decided to check the show out on DVD. That's what I plan to do, actually. I'll probably start watching the show "live" sometime in S4.)


I'm with Joe abt watching this on DVD (kind of a moot point as I dont have cable) Same with "Lost", though it comes in Over-the Air in glorious High Def. I've gotten a little jaded about series TV with a storyline. To me, Billy Mumy is still "Lost in Space" somewhere. :beer:

I generally want novels as opposed to Soap Operas. And novels need an end, though sequels are permitted. One reason I've always been enthused about B5. With Sci-fi's track record, the last episode will be that they have found an overiding intrinsic flaw in Cylon physiology that might be exploited to erradicate the entire "species"... to be continued. :rolleyes:

I'll wait, read the spoilers, and promptly forget them :p, and see if this goes well before I waste time on the neverending story.