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BSG 1 - Unanswered Questions Thread (SPOLIERS)

Note: There are lots of spoilers here for those who have not finished all 13 episodes of Season/Series 1. You've been warned, kiddies!

The purpose of this thread is to list the many unanswered questions from the Battlestar Galactica's first season and then open each up to interpretations and speculations by forum participants. If you have another question to add to this list, please continue the numbering as below so that it is easier to keep track of the responses from forum users. I will offer my own thoughts in future post(s).

Put on your Olvier Stone hats and let's begin:

1) Is Adama really dead?
2) What did Number Six show Baltar on Kobol?
3) Will Baltar return to Galactica or join the Cylons?
4) Is Number Six a crazed dillusion from Baltar's mind, a Cylon implanted chip in his brain, or something else?
5) Is the Number Six on Kobol another illusion or a physically real being sent to meet Baltar?
6) "Adama is a Cylon," could this statement made by a Cylon operative to President Roslin be true and does it in any way relate to question #1?
7) Will there be any reprocussions of Roslin being overthrown or will she immediately resume power to begin season 2?
8) Is Caprica-Boomer really pregnant?
9) What will happen to Helo, Boomer and Starbuck? Will they return to Gactica in the Cylon Raider or something else?
10) Is Roslin really the "chosen" one?
11) Is Baltar really the "chosen" one?
12) What will happen to Galactica-Boomer?
13) The naked Boomers said that they would see Galactica-Boomer again, anything to that?
14) Besides Boomer, is anyone else on Galactica a Cylon sleeper agent?
15) What will the events that ended the first season mean for the political ambitions of Tom Zerek?
16) Is Tigh's wife really a Cylon agent?
17) What happened to everyone on Caprica and the other colonies? Are they dead or has something else happened to them?
18) What is the Cylons master plan? Why haven't they just wiped out humanity instead of monitoring them in such elaborate ways on both Caprica (Helo) and aboard the fleet? Does this issue relate to questions #2 and #8.
19) Who killed Tom Zarek's associate in episode 11 while he was being held by the Colonial government?
20) Will Rick Berman and Brannon Bragga take the reigns of Battlestar Galactica now that they've killed the cash cow that is Star Trek?
A few of my responses:

1 & 6) Could Adama have been switched with a Cylon agent when he left the ship to get Tigh's wife (who I suspect is a Cylon)? Boomer's response after shooting Adama is to give little reaction, which can be interpreted a number of ways. Perhaps she was actually shooting a Cylon Adama, overcomming her Cylon impulse as she had in the base ship. As a Cylon she may have known that Adama was substituted.

By the way, on Ron Moore's previous show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the character of Doctor Bashir (who looks eerily like James Callus) turned out to be a substitute at one point. So it isn't unprecedented.

Having said all of that I think the Adama that was shot was the "real" Adama and that Boomer was actually acting as a Cylon agent. If a human Adama isn't dead then it may be a bit hard to accept the explanation, but I'll try and keep an open mind.

2) Some have speculated that what Number Six shows Baltar is in some way related to Caprica-Boomer being pregnant. I don't buy this at all. It is a baby carriage and by Baltar's elated response I would be floored if it was anything but the offspring of Baltar and physical form Number Six (the one he knew from Caprica). Why would he be elated about Boomer and Helo (who he only met in passing in the miniseries) having a child? That doesn't make sense to me.

SPECULATION: I wonder if the Boomer-Helo offspring and the Baltar-Number Six offspring will be a key story point. Perhaps the Boomer-Helo child will have a positive role, showing a glimpse of what is possible with positive human-Cylon cooperation, and Baltar-Number Six being a negative representation.

3) One of my biggest complaints about the original BSG is that Baltar seemed interest in collaborating with the Cylons and destroying the humans because...Well he was the bad guy and bad guys do such things. In the revision BSG Baltar now has motivation to join the Cylons and I would expect him to either immediately join the Cylons or work with them in a more overt way aboard Galactica. My money would be him joining the Cylons straight away. One negative from my point of view would be that Baltar actor James Callus wouldn't have the "human" actors to play off, which I believe he does quite well. The Cylons don't lend themselves to much comic relief.

4) I think it has to be a chip implant. If it were delusions then Baltar is the luckiest, most intuitive guy you'll ever see on television. Everything that Number Six seems to warn him of comes true, so it doesn't seem to hold much weight that they are merely delusions of a madman.
My predictions:

Starbuck and Helo will return to Galactica *with* Cap-Boomer. Starbuck's experience interrogating that Cylon in "Flesh and Bone" allowed her to sympathize with the Cylons as feeling creatures, and will think that there's at least a chance that Cap-Boomer's desire to defect from the Cylons is sincere. She'll try to assuage Helo's concerns that at the very least they'll need Cap-Boomer to prove to the fleet that Gal-Boomer is a Cylon.

Adama is not dead, but will be in a coma or something of the like that knocks him out of commission for the first couple of episodes of the season. Tigh assumes command, and is thrust into a very prickly situation, with much of the crew not respecting him, and the rest of the fleet royally pissed at Galactica for participating in a military coup. Tom Zarek uses his influence w/ Ellen Tigh to convince her to convince Col. Tigh not to release Roslin. Zarek plays both sides against the middle by stoking fears in the fleet about the out-of-control military siezing power for itself. With the civilian power vacuum left by the president being under arrest and the VP lost on Kobol, Zarek tries to unite the fleet under his banner against Galactica.

Eventually, the group on Kobol is rescued, and VP Baltar steps in to finesse the political crisis in the fleet, and eventually gets Roslin released from imprisonment (though not restored to the presidency, at least not right away). At the urging of #6, Baltar also insists that Cap-Boomer be kept alive, as he argues that her baby, a human/Cylon hybrid, must have something to do with the Cylons' plans (which in fact it does), and they need to understand it. To eliminate the political threat of Tom Zarek, Baltar even (falsely) accuses Zarek of being a Cylon, claiming that Zarek scored positive on Baltar's Cylon test.

Eventually, Baltar is exposed, but manages to escape the fleet along with Boomer's baby and possibly Boomer herself. The Cylons put Baltar in charge of the human/Cylon hybrid project, and for the rest of the series we cut back and forth between the perspective of the fleet, and the perspective of the Cylons as observed in scenes with Baltar, Boomer, #6, etc. Just as in the original, when we had Baltar and Lucifer.

Also, something having to do with Apollo (the character, not the god) will give them a clue regarding Earth's location, and this will in some way help Adama and Roslin to smooth over their conflict regarding the existence of Earth and Roslin's efforts to have Starbuck violate orders in order to uncover the way to Earth.
One of the things I love about this new BSG is the unanswered questions :)

A couple of points:

1) On a practical note, I can't see how Starbuck, Helo and Caprica-Sharon can all fit into that Cylon fighter.

2) There's something odd about Starbuck's relationship with the fighter. BSG-Sharon treated it almost like a pet, stroking it and crooning to it. Why is Starbuck able to fly it when no one else can get it to function at all?
17) Could have something to do with breeding or DNA extraction. Something to do with life, organic, biology.

18) As with my previous answer I see the Cylons having some sort of designs on using human DNA in some fashion.

19) Tom Zerek's associate was killed by Tigh's wife. You heard it here first. :D Watch the episode again with the idea that Tigh's wife is the killer and you'll see lots of hints. Remember that Baltar's cylon detector never was used to examine Mrs. Tigh and we have all of the evidence that she just turned up. As Tigh's wife she states that she knows where the murdered captive was being held and that she had access to him. Plus it would take a cylon to kill the man so efficiently.

Look for her to try and use Zerek more to her advantage in season 2.

20) Berman and Bragga will take over and top heavy actress will take the lead. Alien races with bumpy foreheads will be lectured on how they are inferior to humans (rather than the more profound TOS method of actually SHOWING us rather than TELLING us). And Gene Rodenberry will roll in his grave.
I think when the Basestar boomers said, 'we'll see you again', they were refering to the conciousness upload that Cylons can perform upon death.
I actually missed that line, the naked clone hotties were kinda grabbing my attention. I'd get attacked by those clones any day!
I have some thoughts on these...

Question 1) and 16) (Adama/ Tigh's wife Cylons?)

I guess this depends on whether the Cylons are capable of making copies of actual human beings, or if they can only make copies of the twelve models they developed themselves.

BTW - any idea who could have sent Adama the message at the end of the mini series, telling him that there are only 12 Cylon models? And why?

As for 2) - My first thought was that it might be Caprica-Boomer and Helo's child, but on second thought that doesn't really seem likely. My guess is that it is Baltar's and Number 6's baby, which leads to the question - what happened to the Number Six that was with him on Caprica? Did she die during the attack, or could she have become pregnant in the time she was with him, and Baltar saw a vision of this baby?

In any case, I have a feeling that the Human/Cylon hybrids will be important in some way, and might be part of the Cylon plan.

Maybe that was why the Cylons had Cap-Boomer help Helo out on Caprica. She did go to the other Cylon models reporting that she had had sex with Helo, as if she had accomplished a mission. At first I thought that was just to make him more dependant on her, but maybe the plan was for her to get pregnant.
BTW - any idea who could have sent Adama the message at the end of the mini series, telling him that there are only 12 Cylon models? And why?

I assumed that was Baltar, and he sent the message because at that stage he was still not totally under Six's control, and still could.
BTW - any idea who could have sent Adama the message at the end of the mini series, telling him that there are only 12 Cylon models? And why?

I assumed that was Baltar, and he sent the message because at that stage he was still not totally under Six's control, and still could.

I thought that, but belive that there is another Cylon amongst the main cast...
BTW - any idea who could have sent Adama the message at the end of the mini series, telling him that there are only 12 Cylon models? And why?

I assumed that was Baltar, and he sent the message because at that stage he was still not totally under Six's control, and still could.

I thought that, but belive that there is another Cylon amongst the main cast...

I agree. I'm not sure who it is, but Starbuck's affinity to the fighter has me wondering...
14) Besides Boomer, is anyone else on Galactica a Cylon sleeper agent?
One guess would be Gaeta(sp) , there is the supposedly strangness with him and Boomer , before she shoots Adama. Then the he was the one who analized that fake image of Baltar in Six degrees of seperation. And at first verified it was Baltar then found it was a fake, when the cylons got what they wanted out of Baltar. Could be much like the Glitches Galatica boomer has in the raptor finding the water.

Now the vision Baltar saw, forgot but didn't they say the first of the babies was about to be born, not sure exactly on the time frame but think the serise had to be more than 9 months since the events of the mini serise. So think it is actuacly Caprica-Boomers baby, just something diffrent about that making Baltar all amazed. And betting the caprica Boomer will be taken back and Baltar will probably in charge of her and the child since he is the resident Cylon Expert.

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